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Hubby’s Pick: Athleisure

It’s hard to believe that I attended the last basketball game of the regular season this past weekend. This season has been up and down for my husband’s team, but thankfully, they made it into the playoffs. Although the team will play again next weekend in the first round of the playoffs, Sunday’s game was the last game I will attend this season since I’m headed home to take the HUGE exam I’ve been preparing for for the last few months. Between packing, studying, and the games, the weekend was a hectic one, to say the least. Honestly, I was not in the mood to get all dressed up, so I was absolutely thrilled when my husband picked out this cute but comfortable athleisure outfit for me to wear to the game. 

I'm loving this athleisure look my husband picked out for me! Get the details on

Hubby’s Pick: Athleisure

Athleisure outfit inspiration from
Adidas Stan Smith's

Outfit images pre-shot by

Charrel Sanabria in Tokyo, Japan

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Sweatsuit: Uniqlo – Tokyo, Japan (Similar here and here)

Sneakers: Adidas – Nordstrom (Online here)

My husband has honestly been on a roll with these Hubby’s Pick outfits and I now have complete faith in his ability to style me. Athleisure has been one of my go-to styles for a while now – usually because I end up wearing my workout clothes all day before I actually get a workout in in the evenings. Although I obviously wouldn’t wear a skirt to the gym, this outfit is sporty and fun as athleisure should be. “I live in Uniqlo sweatsuits, so I’m familiar with the level of comfort that they bring. When I saw the woman’s version, I liked the style and figured my wife had to have one in her closet too,” my husband explained. He’s always been a big sock fan and has become obsessed with Adidas since we’ve been living in Japan, so I wasn’t surprised that he completed my outfit with my Stan Smith’s and a pair super cute socks. I love how he put everything together and this outfit will definitely be one that I wear often when I’m busy running errands but still want to be cute.

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What do you think of how my hubby styled me? Are you a fan of athleisure? I’d love to hear form you!

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