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Media Kit Outline for Full-time Content Creators

Setting out to be a full-time content creator takes more intention and planning than you would think. Once you start to get the attention of some brands, you'll quickly learn you need a media kit. This is really where you can stand out from other content creators and influencers.

When presenting yourself to a potential partner, you want to come across professional and polished.

Here's what I included in my media kit to be sure I set myself apart and put my best foot forward:

  • a cover page with a clear image of myself and subtitles for my content focuses

  • an about page with a brief overview of me, an overview of my approach to content creation, and quick links to my top social media platforms

  • my most popular posts from my top two platforms that are clickable to directly access the content within the relevant app

  • audience overview from my top app

  • a quick look at my overall reach combining all platforms with more detail on my approach to creating content

  • a page focused on collaboration with brands explaining what kind of brands I like to partner with, types of content I create, and popular brands I've partnered with previously

  • clickable partnership portfolio to content that has preformed well, brands I've worked with multiple times, and my favorite brand partnerships

  • an ending page with a mix of personal images and branding images to convey all aspects of my life that I share through my content

Things to include that will really set you apart:

  • clickable links (clickable PDFs are easy to make in Canva!)

  • professional photos

  • quality personal branding (inlcuding a logo and color scheme)

  • clickable contact links throughout your media kit

Following these tips are sure to get you a media kit that will add value to your content and increase your potential contracts with brands.

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