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Summer Skin is Made in the Winter

It’s been proven time and time again that summer skin is made in the winter. Everything we do (or don’t do) and eat during the winter shows on our skin come June and, I for one know that I prefer to be naked in the warmer months. While I don’t mean that I literally walk around in the nude, I do mean that I wear less clothing and less makeup. It’s too hot to have a face full of foundation and be covered from head to toe, so my summer mantra is no makeup, no sleeves, no problem.

I give my skin a beating in the winter. I stuff my face with chocolate during the holidays, I don’t moisturize like I should, I get fewer pedicures, and I wear a lot more makeup than I do during the summer. While I don’t take the absolute best care of my skin in November and December, when January and February roll around, I get the winter blues and start looking ahead (and counting down) to the summer months. Here’s what I do as winter winds down to prep my skin for the summer:

Summer Skin is Made in the Winter

Summer Skin is Made in the Winter


Summer means a very light tinted moisturizer instead of foundation and bronzer instead of blush. Between the heat and the time I spend in the pool or by the water, there’s no point in caking on makeup during the summer so I do everything I can to get my skin in order so that it’s not a requirement. Starting a skincare regimen as winter comes to an end is the best way to get your face ready for summer. Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturize, repeat. Treat those dark spots so that by summer, they’ll be barely visible and, regardless of whichever skincare brand you prefer, be sure to also include a sunscreen, even in the winter!


I LOVE sundresses, short shorts, tank tops, and, of course, swimsuits during the summer. Exposing a little extra skin when it’s hot out means that I want my skin to be soft, beautiful, and scar free. Scrubs and body butters are my favorite ways to prepare my winter skin for the summer. Bella Chic Beauti Essentials has an amazing line of products that I’m eager to try to get my skin in perfect shape. Their Raspberry Merlot Bodi Scrub is the perfect way to exfoliate while their Beauti Butta rehydrates skin to leave it soft and subtle. The items I’m most excited to try are their Ne’ Bows Knee and Elbow Polish and their Suga Walls, which are both designed to lighten dark pigmentation that has accumulated in areas such as the knees, elbows, inner thighs, and the lower buttocks area.

Bella Chic Beauti
Summer Skin is Made in the Winter


I hide my feet in boots and sneakers all winter long, but in the summer, it’s time to whip out the sandals! Starting in February, I start getting (or giving myself, if push comes to shove) regular pedicures. Pedicures are my absolute favorite day to get rid of calluses that have developed throughout the winter. I even splurge for the deluxe pedi with a scrub, masque, and extra long massage to get my tootsies in tip top shape.

Summer skin is made in the winter and with he help of a few awesome products, a little TLC, cleaner eating, and more water, I’m in the process of preparing my skin for my favorite time of year.

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What do you do to get your skin ready for the summer?

*This post was sponsored by Bella Chic Beauti Essentials but, as always, all opinions and experiences are mine and mine alone.

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