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The Ultimate Curly Girl Gift Guide

The holidays have changed for me. I’m not sure when it happened, but sometime over the last few years, I officially became an adult. Now, I find myself wanting more practical gifts that I either honestly need or will use on a regular basis. For me, those things mostly include books, make-up and beauty products, or hair tools and accessories. Ever since I decided to stop straightening my hair a few months ago and jumped head first into this curly girl lifestyle, I have been all about finding the best things for my hair. To be quite honest, I am thoroughly enjoying the journey and have fallen head over heels in love with my tresses. My holiday wish list this year is full of hair tools and products, so I decided to combine these things with a few items that I swear by to create the ultimate curly girl gift guide.

Deva Cut

Pioneered by DevaCurl, a Deva Cut is basically a curly girl’s dream come true. In a world that seems tailored to straighter hair textures, a Deva Cut involves dry cutting the hair curl by curl in its natural state to create a gorgeous shape and showcase each curl in its best light. Towards the official start of my curly hair journey, I got a a curl by curl cut at Southern Curl in Atlanta, and it was absolutely life changing (you can read about my experience and see my before and after photos here). My Deva Cut truly helped me to embrace my curls and any curly girl on your list would be thrilled to be gifted an opportunity to enjoy a day at the salon that will create lasting results that she will love. You can find DevaCurl stylists on their website and many of the salons offer gift certificates that would make the perfect stocking stuffer.

Curly Co. Diffuser

One thing that I learned quickly is that wash and gos are not quite as easy as they seem. While I would love to say that I can just wash my hair, put on products, and literally go, often it doesn’t work like that for me and a lot of other naturalistas. If you have a curly girl on your list this year who has thick hair, chances are, her hair takes quite a while to dry and she probably blow drys to cut that drying time down. The Curly Co. Collapsible Hair Diffuser

is one of the best diffusers on the market and definitely belongs on the ultimate curly girl gift guide. This diffuser was created specifically with the curly girl in mind and is made to stretch to fit almost any blow dryer. On top of that, it’s collapsible, which makes it awesome for those who travel frequently.

Hooded Dryer

Any naturalista will tell you that we love twist outs, braid outs, and rod sets, but the worst thing ever is when we start the take down process only to find that our tresses aren’t all the way dry. This can be avoided with a hooded dryer. While a hooded dryer can be a little bit of an investment, it brings the beauty of going to the hair salon into the home and enables one to dry her hair thoroughly fairly quickly. There are a number of at-home hooded dryers on the market, including the Gold ‘N Hot Elite 1875-Watt Professional Stand Bonnet Dryer

, that is similar to a traditional salon dryer, the

, that sits on a table top, and the

, which is very similar to what I have at home (and fairly travel friendly).

Handheld Steamer

is the number one item on my personal curly girl wish list this year. I sincerely hope

Santa puts one of these babies under the tree for me! The Q-Redew is arguable the best handheld hair steamer on the market and all of the curly haired influencers swear by it. It’s designed to help the curly girl to quickly detangle, hydrate, reshape, stretch, rejuvenate, add moisture to, and boost the texture and volume of her hair. Used with a deep conditioner to create the ultimate deep conditioning treatment, this steamer will help the naturalista on your holiday gift list to take her hair to the next level.

Hair Products

I’m a product junkie and I’m not afraid to admit it. Quite frankly, I would be totally content if Santa stocked my stuffing full of new hair products, and I know Im not alone! Every curly girl I know loves to try out new hair products and you won’t go wrong with gifting these. Right now, my favorite brands include Mielle Organics, Innersense, Bounce Curl



Ask a curly girl how many scrunchies she’s broken trying to get her hair up into a pineapple. Better yet, ask her what happens when she tries to get a banana clip around her hair. For us, wearing our hair up in a way that’s safe for our tresses, cute, and comfortable (or even getting it up, for that matter) can be a challenge. That’s why I’m so happy that I discovered the PuffCuff and so excited to include it on my curly girl gift guide. The PuffCuff

 is a hair clamp that was made specifically with thick, curly hair in mind and it honestly is my go-to styling tool. It comes in various sizes which makes it super versatile, and I recommend buying the curly girl on your list every size! I guarantee you, she’ll use all of them!

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are the gifts that keep on giving, which is why they definitely deserve a spot on my curly girl gift guide. There are quite a few out there for women with curly hair, and the two that have caught my eye are the curlBox and the Naturall Club. The curlBox is the gold standard for hair subscription boxes and allows curly girls to have new products delivered to their doorsteps every month for $20 per month. If you have a products junkie like me on your list, a few months of curlBox would make an amazing gift. I’m expecting my first curlBox later this month, and I cannot wait! Naturall Club, on the other hand, offers a Fresh Avocado Deep Conditioner Solution Box. You can order just one months worth, three months worth, six months worth, or twelve months worth for the curly girl on your list. The box includes everything she needs for a rejuvenating deep condition that promotes hair growth, repairs damage, and moisturizes dry hair. I hope someone gifts me a few months worth this Christmas!

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