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26 Goals for 26: Celebrating My Golden Birthday

Numbers mean something to me. They always have and they probably always will. Growing up, I always had lucky numbers. As an adult, I see the same number repeatedly (seriously, I somehow look at the clock every single day at 9:11) and I can’t help but believe that it means I’m right where I’m supposed to be in life. I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t been all that excited about turning 26 this year. Turning 25 was exciting. Entering the quarter century club was like turning a corner in my adult life (plus, I spent my 25th birthday in Paris). Turning 26, on the other hand, seemed a little dull – until I realized that it is my golden birthday. A golden birthday, which is also called a champagne birthday (I like this name WAY better) is when someone turns the age of their birth date (i.e. turning 3 on the 3rd or 11 on the 11th). This Friday, I’ll be turning 26 on the 26th, and because of my mini obsession with numbers, I can’t help but believe that that means something. Since I’ll be turning 26 on the 26th, I thought it was only fitting to take my number fascination to another level and also write my 26 goals for 26. My hope is to accomplish these 26 goals before my next birthday. I’ll check in with you all at the 6 month mark to let you know how I’m doing. Wish me luck!

Sharing 26 goals for my 26th year of life

26 Goals for 26


1) Read 5 books: I haven’t had a lot of time to read for pleasure in the last few years and I’m going to change that this year. Any suggestions??

2) Workout at least 4 days each week: I’ve been working out 2-3 days a week, but I definitely want to be more consistent this year. My goal is to workout Monday-Friday. I’m kind of obsessed with spin classes here lately, so I would love to incorporate those.

3) Try a new recipe once per week: Food ruts are a very real thing. I want to cook something new at least once a week to try different things and find new recipes that my husband and I love.

4) Make time for self-care and focus on being present in the moment: This summer, I’ve dealt with some major anxiety. One thing I’ve been focussing on is being present in the moment instead of always focussing on the future. I definitely want to continue that this year an make self-care a priority.

5) Remove one item from my closet for each new item that I bring in: I’ve been feeling extremely overwhelmed with the amount of clothing I have in my closet. Last week, I did a major closet purge, and to keep things neat, I want to be mindful of what I bring in. Quality over quantity!

6) Drink a half gallon of water every day: I don’t drink nearly enough water and, this year, I want to take a step towards changing that.


7) Reach 10,000 monthly page views: I’ve been working on this for a while now and I’ve come close, but I haven’t quite reached 10,000 page views. I’m hoping to accomplish that before I turn 27.

8) Increase followers on Instagram from 5327 to 8000+: My Instagram has been growing pretty steadily and it would be a great birthday present to exceed 8000 followers in the next year.

9) Attend one blog-related conference: I want to learn more about blogging and I heard a blog-related conference is a great way to do so. I want to attend at least one before my 27th birthday.

10) Launch the More than a Wifey website: More than a Wifey has taken on a life of its own and I think it’s time that I launched the website so that wives can access the resources that I hope to share. I’m hoping to launch the website sometime this year.

11) Host 3 blog-related events: I recently hosted my first blog-related event and I definitely want to host more! My goal is to host 3 more between now and next August.

12) Add more products to I launched a few months ago but I haven’t done much to promote it. I definitely want to add more products and do a better job promoting it in the next year.

13) Attend 4 blogger meet-ups or networking events: This summer, I really tried to do a better job at attending local events. I definitely want to go to more networking events before I celebrate my 27th birthday next August. My goal is to go to at least one ever quarter.


14) Only shop for non-essentials (i.e. clothes, shoes, etc.) once per month: This goes hand in hand with my goal of keeping my closet in check. I want to limit my shopping not only for that reason, but also to save money. I’ll also be doing another No Shop November challenge in a few months.

15) Start saving for our dream home: My husband and I have been house hunting and although we’re not quite ready to move into our forever home, we have been creating sort of a dream board. Saving for our dream home is definitely something I want to focus on this year.


16) Visit 3 countries I’ve never been to before: There are still quite a few places on my travel bucket list. I would love to see 3 new countries as a 26 year old.

17) Go to the mountains: I go on a ton of beach trips, but I want to diversify my travel experiences and go to the mountains at least once this year. I think it’s important to see and appreciate all of the beauty this earth has to offer.


18) Go on a solo-trip with my husband: This goal is both travel-related and related to my marriage. My husband and I both love going on trips with other couples, but I also think it’s really important that we have one-on-one time. We haven’t been on a trip just the two of us in a while, and I want to go on one before I turn 27.

19) Take an ethnic cooking class together: This goes hand in hand with trying new foods and finding new recipes that I love. I also really want to try new things with my husband in the next 12 months and I think taking a fun cooking class together would be a great way to do both.

20) Have a couples book club: DJ and I have been talking about reading the same book at the same time for months but haven’t gotten around to doing it. I think it would be great for us to have our book club in the months that we are apart.


21) Raise at least $5000 for the JetJones Foundation: My husband and I launched our foundation last summer and there are a lot of initiatives we want to put in place. Giving back is important to both of us. I’m hoping to raise $5000 before my next birthday so that we can get the ball rolling on the things that we have in store for the community.

22) Host the 2nd Annual JetJones Foundation Party of a Purpose: Last summer when we launched the JetJones Foundation, we had a Party for a Purpose and raised over 400 pounds of school supplies for children in need. We took a break this summer, but I would love for us to host our second Party for a Purpose before my next birthday.

23) Collect at least 600 pounds of school supplies to donate: Last summer we collected 405 pounds and collecting more than that this year would be a fabulous 27th birthday gift. My goal is that we are able to donate more than 600 pounds of school supplies to those in need.

24) Finish my practicum and internship hours: I’ve been working towards my master’s degree in marriage and family counseling since 2013 and all I have left is a ton of practicum and internship hours. My goal is to finish them before next August.

25) Attend at least one counseling-related workshop: As I approach the end of my program, I don’t want to forget the importance of continuing to further my education and learn new things. I want to attend at least one counseling workshop in the next year and continue to go to them at least a couple of times a year.

26) Graduate from grad school: This has been a LONG time coming! Finishing my master’s degree would probably be the best 27th birthday present of all and I’m confident that I can definitely walk across the stage before next August.

What are some of your goals?

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