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3 Reasons You’ll Get Addicted to Spin Class

One of my 26 goals for 26 is to workout at least 4 days a week. I’ve found that I really enjoy workout classes. They are an excellent way to diversify you’re workouts and they also help to keep me accountable. My favorite workout of the week has quickly become spin class. I first tried indoor cycling classes last summer when I noticed that a FlyWheel had opened up near my house. I initially enjoyed their classes, but fell off the wagon after I had to miss for a few weeks due to vacations and other engagements. This summer, I gave spin class another go when we hosted a fundraising event for our foundation at CycleBar. The event was an absolute blast and after that class, I was addicted. Ever since, I’ve gone to spin class at least once (but usually twice) a week. The atmosphere and staff at CycleBar are the main reasons I call them my spin class home and the fact that they give back to the community through their CycleGiving events is another plus. I’m addicted to spin class and I’m not afraid to admit it! Here are 3 reasons that if you try indoor cycling classes, you’ll probably get addicted too:

3 Reasons You'll Get Addicted to Spin Class

3 Reasons You’ll Get Addicted to Spin Class

They are a fun way to get in your cardio

I know I’m not the only one who tends to get bored on the treadmill. Spin class is the perfect remedy to your boring cardio routine. Each class sort of feels like a dance class on a bike since the playlists are designed for you to move to the beat to keep a certain pace. You do different moves at different tempos throughout the class and it’s fun to watch yourself in the mirror, especially when a song that you know and love comes on. The fact that I enjoy the classes makes the time fly by.

You burn a ton of calories in each class

After each and every spin class, I’m amazed at the number of calories I burn in just 50 minutes on the bike. Usually, I burn between 500-600 calories depending on the instructor and pace of the class. Indoor cycling is a great way to boost weight loss because your heart rate is up the entire class, which helps to keep your metabolism up though the day. Another advantage of spin class over a lot of other forms of cardio exercise is that it’s low impact. I suffer from shin splints when I run, and during spin class, I burn just as many calories without the pain.

They offer just the right amount of competition

A little friendly competition is a great way to push yourself further than you normally would during a workout. During spin class at CycleBar, you can opt to have your name shown on the board. The instructors usually do a variety of team and individual races and it’s fun to compete with the other people you’re in class with. More than that, it’s inspiring to compete with yourself. I’m always trying to get my RPM a little faster and my resistance a little higher. After each class, I get an email with my stats and my goal is to push myself so that I improve each time.

Which workout classes are you addicted to?


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