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3 Reasons You Should Rock Box Braids for Your Next Trip

When I was a kid, braids were my go-to style. From micros to corn rows, I loved wearing my hair in braids because it was so low maintenance and, just like any young lady with a head full of hair, I had no desire to sit still while my mom detangled my long, thick tresses. Eventually, I grew out of my braided look and moved on to other styles, but ever since box braids made their comeback a year or so ago, I’ve been itching to see if I could still pull off the look I once loved so much.

When I started planning my recent vacation to Bali, I knew that I definitely needed to do something different with my hair. The itinerary that I planned for my group was packed with spa treatments, water sports and activities, and a lot of fun in the sun, so I knew that I wanted a low maintenance hair style that could withstand the elements. I decided to get box braids for my vacation and I’m SO glad that I did. I recommend that all women, especially naturalistas like myself, go for easy, no fuss hair styles for vacations, and box braids are the way to go!

I rocked box braids during my recent trip to Bali and I loved every minute of it! Find out why you should get your hair braided for your next vacation.

3 Reasons You Should Rock Box Braids for Your Next Vacation

  1. To give your hair a break: Although I’ve embraced my curls, I love my hair straight, so I blow dry and flat iron it fairly regularly. Getting box braids for my trip to Bali allowed me to give my hair a break from heat and the other things that I put it through on a daily basis by constantly pulling, twisting, and stretching it into whatever style I’m rocking.  A vacation is an amazing time to give your hair a much needed break and box braids allow your hair to have just that.

  2. To save room in your luggage: Usually when I travel, I pack a TON of hair products. It’s always so hard for me to determine which hair products I need and which ones I should leave under the cabinet back home, so I usually end up packing all my favorite products. On top of that my blow dryer and flat iron take up a good amount of space if I decide to bring them along as well. Rocking box braids for my trip to Bali freed up SO much room in my suitcase because, besides shampoo, conditioner, a moisturizer, and a few scrunchies, I was able to leave all of my hair products at home. This freed up lots of space in my luggage for more shoes, more swimsuits, and most importantly, more room for shopping. Consider wearing braids for your next trip so that you don’t have to pack all the gels, wands, creams, rollers, and curling soufflés or custards that you use in your hair on a regular basis.

  3. To spend more time enjoying yourself and less time worrying about your hair: I spend a lot of time doing my hair. Whether I’m rocking a twist out or a straight style, the amount of time I spend styling my hair is time that I would rather spend doing other things while I’m on vacation. Getting box braids for my most recent vacation freed up a lot of time in my daily regimen. It took me a fraction of the time to get dressed for dinner every evening since I didn’t have to worry about doing my hair, so I was able to spend those precious moments enjoying Bali’s sunset, lounging by the pool, or having pre-dinner drinks with my girls. Rocking box braids for your next trip will give you extra time to spend doing things you actually want to do. If you hair is anything like mine, it’s fairly tame with products in it but has a mind of its own when it’s wet and left to its own devices. Usually, when I’m on a beach vacation, I’m a little worried about how my hair is going to react to swimming, water sports, or even rain. With box braids, I jumped into the ocean without a care in the world knowing that my hair would still be photo ready when I got out of the water. Getting box braids for your next trip will enable you to have the carefree vacation that you deserve.

Box Braids for the Beach

Enjoying a pre-dinner glass of wine in Bali

Box Braids Swimming

Soaking up some sun after a swim without a care in the world (especially not my hair).

Aside from the 3 reasons to rock box braids for your next vacation that I mentioned above, another great reason is because they’re super cute! Check out how these gorgeous ladies style their braids for some inspiration:

Box Braids
Box Braids

Joanaé of

Box Braids
Box Braids

Chardline of

What hairstyle do you usually rock when you’re traveling?

Want to hear more about my trip to Bali? Stay tuned! I’ll be sharing all about my fabulous girls’ trip next week!

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