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3 Tips for Loneliness and Sadness During the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…. Or, is it? As magical as the holidays are, for so many of us, for a lot of different reasons, this time of year is also hard. It can be a reminder of the things and people that are missing from our lives and a breeding season for comparison as we watch the “picture perfect” holiday seasons of so many play out on social media. It’s a time that we have to remind ourselves more than ever that social media is a highlight reel and that everything that glitters isn’t gold.

If you take a look at my social media posts from this week, you’ll see that I spent a lot of time out and about with my family enjoying the Christmas festivities in Dubai. I’m sharing a look at all of the holiday fun that we’ve had thus far on my YouTube channel this week as well. What you didn’t see, however, is the guilt that I felt behind the scenes. As I scrolled down my Instagram timeline, I saw little girls participating in end of the year recitals, little boys making cookies with their grandmas, and families gathering for holiday parties in their homes. That’s when the FOMO hit. Spending the holidays abroad is nice and to be honest, this season in Dubai has been a lot of fun. But, I want my family to have a “traditional” holiday season at home, complete with end of the school year events, holiday parties, and extended family gathered in our REAL home.

If you’re struggling a little bit this time of year, know that you’re not alone! Here are a few tips that have been helpful for me when it comes to coping with lonliness and sadness during the holidays:

  1. Stay active and spend time in the sun: It’s OK to feel your feelings, but, in my experience, staying down isn’t helpful. Staying active is a great way to boost your mood. Sometimes, you have to fake it until you make it, and you might find that if you participate in some holiday cheer, it will actually rub off on you. Vitamin D is also nature’s medicine and works wonders on the mood. Getting some sunlight and fresh air goes a long way.

  2. Find community: There are a lot of reasons why you may find yourself away from your family this year, whether you live abroad like are do, are estranged, or simply can’t travel to be close to them right now. Regardless, finding community, either in person or virtually, will help you feel less alone. Organizing a little Zoom Christmas Party for your family and friends near and far is a great way to feel close to your loved ones even if you can’t be with them physically.

  3. Take a social media cleanse: Comparison is at it’s highest during this time of year and social media is the culprit for so much of it. We all know that comparison is the thief of joy, so now is a great time to sign off for a few days if you’re able to. Spend the time that you would usually spend on social media doing something that fills your cup.

I hope these help and make your days a little brighter. It's not an easy or delightful time of year for everyone. You're not alone ♥️

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