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3 Tips for Starting On TikTok

Last January, I just decided to give TikTok a try not knowing that in a matter of weeks I would go viral. Then, again. And again. In just a year, I grew to 110K followers, have hit over 9 million views on multiple videos, and gotten some pretty great brand deals. 

Here are my 3 tips for getting started on TikTok:

1. Don’t niche down too soon

2. Post consistently - at least once a day

3. Be authentic and conversational

I didn't think I would really like TikTok -- and to be honest, I thought I was too old to be over there 😂 But, over the last year, I've really grown to like it, found that I love video content, and have gotten to be more of my real self than I feel like I get to be on other platforms.

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