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3 Ways to Make New Friends as an Adult

In college, it was SO easy to make new friends. From classes and clubs to Greek life and social events, opportunities to connect with others always seemed to present themselves. Now that I’m an adult and my idea of a perfect Friday night involves binge watching Game of Thrones with my husband and our dog while stuffing my face with Talenti Gelato, the chances that I get to make new friends seem to be dwindling. On top of that, I’m a lot less outgoing than I once was, probably mostly because I’m out of practice. Although building relationships is a little more difficult, there are a few ways to make new friends as an adult that we can all utilize.

It's not quite as easy to make new friends as it was in our college days... but, where there's a will, there's a way!

3 Ways to Make New Friends as an Adult

Be social on social media

We are all reluctant to build real life relationships on social media, but it works! Social media is an amazing way to come in contact with people you wouldn’t ordinarily cross paths with. Instagram hashtags can be used to find people who are in your area and share your interested (trust me – thanks to Instagram hashtags, I was able to connect with and befriend two awesome young ladies while I was living in Japan).  There are also a plethora of Facebook groups out there for married couples, mothers,  bloggers and entrepreneurs, women who love travel, wifepreneurs, and basically everything else under the sun. Don’t be afraid to actually be social on social media and take your online connections offline to build some real life friendships.

Attend networking events

Lately, I’ve been all about investing in myself and part of that means attending local events and workshops for bloggers and entrepreneurs. What I’ve learned is that these events are a great way to connect with people, not only professionally, but also personally. Attend events to build relationships with other people in your area who share your interests. As a young wife, sometimes it can be difficult to build connections with other married women. Most of my friends are single, and while I love them and appreciate their friendship, I do enjoy the camaraderie of other wives as well and my husband and I both love double dating with other couples. Because I don’t know very many other married women, I’ve partnered with two other amazing wifestyle bloggers to throw an event to remedy the situation! The More than a Wifey Brunch will be an exclusive networking event for Atlanta based wives featuring swag bags and giveaways, brunch bites, and bottomless mimosas! If you’re in the area, I would love to connect with you! Click here to reserve your spot today.

Double date

In college, I met a girl who is now one of my best friends on a double date. My boyfriend (who is not my husband) invited his teammate and his girlfriend to join us for dinner and a movie. After that first double date, the 4 of us were inseparable. We went on countless other outings and vacations together and my friend and I found ourselves building a relationship outside of the boys and starting to hang out on our own. Although things didn’t work out between them in the long run, she is to this day one of my nearest and dearest friends. Who says you can’t double date as an adult?Double date with your significant other’s friends and their spouses. It’s an amazing way to meet new people and conversation flows easily since you already have something in common (since your boos know each other).

How do you make new friends?  


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