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4 Quick Fixes for Feeling More Confident About Your Body

For me, this week has been all about body positivity. In terms of our personal journeys towards body positivity, we’re all at different places and it’s unfair for any of us to compare where we are to where other people are. At the end of the day, I can preach about respecting your body, making strides towards being your healthiest self, and learning to love the skin that you’re in until I’m blue in the face, but if you don’t feel confident, none of that matters. I recognize that we all have problem areas and while we should spend more time focussing on the parts of our bodies that we love than the parts we’re unhappy with, that’s easier said than done. I’m sharing 4 quick fixes for camouflaging those pesky trouble areas to feel more confident about your body.

 I recognize that we all have problem areas and while we should spend more time focussing on the parts of our bodies that we love than the parts we're unhappy with, that's easier said than done. I'm sharing 4 quick fixes for camouflaging those perky trouble areas to feel more confident about your body.

Buy clothes that fit: In my post about my own journey towards body positivity, I shared about how reluctant I was to move up from a size small. I spent the majority of my life wearing an extra small or small, and when the day came that those sizes no longer fit, I was not happy. For some reason, I felt like it was taboo to need bigger clothes, but the truth of the matter is, it’s more taboo to wear clothes that don’t fit properly. Wearing clothes that don’t fit isn’t flattering, regardless of what size you are. Buy your clothes in sizes that fit and don’t squeeze you in, even if that means buying a larger size then getting things altered down so that they’re perfect for you.

Take care of your skin: Most women have stretch marks or cellulite somewhere on their bodies. Taking care of your skin and treating it with quality products will help these imperfections to fade over time. On top of that, who doesn’t feel more confident after exfoliating and slathering yourself with body butters and oils?? K Body Creations makes natural bath and body products and that are paraben free and include no artificial coloring. I love to use these products, especially the solid body scrub, to make my skin super soft and give myself a little confidence boost.

confident about your body

Shed water weight: Water weight is basically the extra water that is stored in our bodies. While we obviously need water to survive, many of us retain water that can be flushed from our systems. Hanging on to these extra pounds of water weight is what causes many of us to feel and look bloated. If you’re stomach is feeling extra bloated, it might be because you are retaining fluids and need to shed that water weight. Many companies offer wraps and cleanses that are great for doing just that. There are also a ton of DIY wraps that work as well. Drinking more water is another great way to shed that bloat and feel more confident about your body.

Utilize shape wear: Regardless of body type, most of us have a few lumps and bumps that we would prefer not to show when we’re wearing tight clothing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing shape wear and it makes so many outfits look neater overall. Shape wear, such as my favorite brand, Spanx, can be utilized to target just about any area that you need some assistance with and helps to smooth things out to showcase your natural curves while eliminating extra rolls. I personally wear something from Spanx Higher Power line just about everyday because they not only make my clothes fit better, but they’re also more comfortable than regular underwear. Wearing shape wear is an easy way to feel more confident about your body in an instant.

What small things do you do to feel more confident about your body? If you missed it, be sure to tune in to Episode 23 of The Duo Podcast to hear us get real about body image and body positivity!

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