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5 Things I Included On My Website (As a Full-time Content Creator)

I've been a full-time content creator for about 10 months now, so I was due for a website glow-up.

I firmly believe having a solid personal brand communicates professionalism to potential brand partners and adds value to my pitches and contracts. My goal with my webstie was to have a beautiful and professional home to all my endeavors and to give potential partners a look into the quality of my work. I'd say that goal was met 😍

When building my site, I knew there were a few things I had to include to give a true overview into Allison Mathis Jones - the brand.

Allison Mathis Jones website updates as a full-time content creator

Here are 5 things I included on my website as a full-time content creator:

  1. All streams of revenue on the homepage. As soon as someone lands on my page, I want them to get a full overview of everything I have going on with just a couple scrolls. Across the header, you can quickly see what my focuses are, then within 3 scrolls, you see my Instagram, TikTok, email list, podcast, children's book, Amazon storefront, and blog. There's no doubt that someone knows everything the AMJ brand encompasses when they get to my site.

  2. Consitent branding with my media kit and socials. Everything from professional photography, fonts, to colors, and especially professional logos are consistent on anything I send out. Quality and consistent branding always communicates profesionalism, which is what I want any potential partner to know they're getting when they work with me.

  3. Social links everywhere. This requirement is multifold. When potential partners are looking at the site to consider working with me, I want them to have every opportunity to see my influence firsthand. For anyone who stumbled onto the site and is looking for more, there's plenty of chances to see whereelse to find me. But, there's also signifciant SEO benefits. In short, SEO is like a 3D spiderweb that Google uses to analyze your site. Any link within, to, and from your site is another "strand" in that web. The more strands, the bigger your site, the more likely you are to be indexed higher on Google and thus get more site visits. Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook content are all searchable on Google. Becuase those sites have large SEO, linking your personal site to your socials will assist in your SEO. Even better is having other people share links to your site on their social channels.

  4. Media Kit embedded in the site. Like I said, I want it to be as easy as possible for potential partners to assess my value in our partnership. Having my media kit embedded in the site so brands can reference was an obvious choice, but it also means when it's requested, I can send them this link: Not only will they get my media kit, they also get a chance to see my whole site. Again, ✨branding✨.

  5. Redirect links through my site. I set up redirects for almost everything so any link I put out there loops people through my site for a few reasons. First, SEO and cookies. The more hits the site gets, the more likely it is to be pushed on Google and when I collect people's cookies, I can retarget them with display ads as I have new releases within my personal brand, like books, merch, and even my podcast. Second reason is Pinterest. Pinterest is of course the land of the links, but it favors any links that are through your "claimed" website on your Pinterest page. I make sure to redirect every YouTube video and podcast episode through my site to earn favor in the algorithm.

My hope is that in building your new home website as a content creator, you're setting yourself up for success and these tips help you get there! Anything to add? Drop it in the comments!

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