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5 Toys for a Basketball Obsessed Toddler

We’re here in the UAE for the basketball. I talk a lot about our experiences living overseas, but not a whole lot about the actual basketball aspect. Basketball is, in fact, why we’re here, so I thought it would be fun to show you a glimpse into what a game day is like for me as an overseas basketball wife. My game day in the UAE vlog is up now on my channel.

Watching a basketball game as the wife of a player on the court is so different than watching as a fan. I go through a range of emotions each game, from excited and proud to, at times, a little bit anxious and nervous. Thankfully, I’ve learned how to manage my emotions through the years of watching my husband play, and my kids have provided quite a distraction.

Once they came along and I started taking them to games with me, my role changed from being DJ’s cheerleader to being the snack lady. These days, when Harper and Jaxson are in attendance, I spend the majority of each game opening packages and picking up crumbs, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Getting to see them watch their dad play has been so special. They both love going to the games and cheering their daddy on, but it’s been extra special to see Jaxson’s love for basketball develop.

While we will never force him to play, we’ve decided to embrace Jaxson’s obsession with basketball. Space Jam (the original – because I’m sorry, but the new movie is trash) is on heavy rotation on our television. We have a toy box full of different sized kids’ basketballs, basketball player action figures, and, of course, a Little Tykes basketball goal. We’ve tried out pretty much all of the basketball-related toys for toddlers out there and I’m rounding up Jaxson’s favorites below.

The classic Little Tikes hoop is a must for all mini hooopers.

Teaching him early who the goat is.

A suction cup hoop for the bathtub so he can get his shots up while I attempt to wash his hair.

DJ is prepping him early for learning plays and teaching him some basketball IQ.

For the times I can't sit there and cheer him on for every shot, this talking basketball can help 🤪


Techinically not a toy, but with Space Jam on at all times in our house, this is a must-have.

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