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A Day in the Life of a Basketball Wife – Part 4

During my last segment of  A Day in the of a Basketball Wife, we were in Japan. The season was well underway and I was dealing with the hustle and bustle of gamedays, as well as sharing a little bit about the loneliness that we often face and how I was able to make friends with some great ladies that I met via Instagram. Right now, life is much different than it was just 5 months ago. My husband and I are back in Atlanta and I’m dealing with the ups and down that come with the off season.

Curious as to what the life of a basketball wife is like during the off season? I'm sharing all the details! Take a glimpse at a day in my life as a basketball wife.

The off season and I have a love-hate relationship. What I love about it is that, besides his daily workouts, I get my husband all to myself. We spend a ton of time together and do a lot of traveling. It’s really nice to have him around. What I hate about the off season is the uncertainty. This off season in particular has been extremely uncertain as we were forced to make some huge changes after dealing with some disappointments early in the summer. On top of that, it’s already the beginning of August and we don’t know yet where my husband will be playing this upcoming season. As someone who likes to plan my life, it’a really difficult for me to take things day by day and go with the flow. During the off season, I often find myself literally waiting by the phone for a call from my husband’s agent with word on NBA training camps or overseas deals and, quite frankly, it drives me a little crazy.

While the off season is difficult for me, I try to live by faith and practice patience. I try to focus on the positive and enjoy the time that I have with my husband. I’m excited to take you through an average off-season day in my life in the basketball wife:

A Day in the Life of a Basketball Wife – Part 4

10am – This is my average Sunday morning wake up time and this Sunday was no different! When we’re in town, we stay up late on Saturday nights binge watching Fixer Upper (we love Chip and Joanne and need to move to WaCo, Texas so that they can fix us up a house). It’s nice to sleep in and enjoy a leisurely morning.

10:15am – The first thing that I do each morning after checking my email and social media is check Sportando. Sportando is basically a website for all things basketball and they report on both the NBA and overseas teams. I check daily for news on who’s signing where and look for any clue as to where we may be headed.

10:45am – After I get myself together, my husband and I clean up the house while dancing around to our favorite old school jams. It’s part of our Sunday ritual and as silly as it is, we make it fun!

12pm – We have a quick lunch and hubby heads outside to wash his car. I sit down at my laptop to do some work for LiveLifeWell and plan trip’s for my clients. After my husband finishes detailing his car, we chit chat a little bit about our foundation’s upcoming events and what we need to do during the coming week to keep things running smoothly.

3pm – I check Sportando AGAIN before I head upstairs to get dressed for the day.

5pm – My husband and I pull up to Rosel Fann Recreation Center for his weekly AEBL game! I never miss a game and seeing him play the game he loves in a low-key, fun environment is usually one of the highlights of my weekends. As wives, I think it’s really important that we support our husbands (and vice versa), so I’m always his biggest cheerleader.

8pm – When my husband doesn’t play on Sundays, we always have Sunday dinner with our family. It’s something that’s really important to us as we miss so much during our time abroad. When he does have Sunday evening games, we stop and grab take-out for dinner.

9pm – We settle in on our couch with our pup to watch our Sunday night shows. Our Sunday night lineup is stacked and it’s my favorite TV night of the summer! We watch Power, Ballers, and Ray Donovan (usually in that order) each and every Sunday before heading to bed to prepare for another week.

As I said, my husband’s AEBL games are usually one of the highlights of my weekends. Although I don’t get nearly as dressed up as I do for his professional games, I do try to be cute! I always feel like I’m a representation of him and I try to present myself in a way that we can both be proud of. Here’s what I wore to his last game:

Curious about what life is like as a basketball wife? I'm sharing all the tea!
A Day in the Life of a Basketball Wife
Overalls all Summer 16! Get the details on
Basketball Wife

Top: Zara – Atlanta, Georgia (similar)

Overalls: Niko and… – Tokyo, Japan (similar)

Shoes: TopShop – Kurt Geiger – London, England (here)

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I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into a day in my life as a basketball wife! How do you deal with uncertainty in your life?

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