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Are You a Naked Mom? Here’s Why You Should Be!

The other day, as I was scrolling Tik Tok, I came across a post about “naked moms.” According to the internet a naked mom is a mom who is comfortable being around her kids in the nude, and doesn’t shy away from parading around her home without clothes on. The video and the conversation that took place in the comments got me thinking about my own feelings about being naked in front of my children. I came to the conclusion that I am 100% a naked mom. While I don’t usually just walk around in my birthday suit for no reason, I don’t think twice about changing my clothes or being naked around my children.

As the parent of both a daughter and a son, I do realize that I will probably be a bit more modest around my son as he gets older, but for now, I’m a naked mom. My 3 year old daughter and I even shower together a few times a week, which has provided a great opportunity for us to have some important conversations. She already has things that she’s curious about in terms of both her body and mine, and, while we do keep our discussions age appropriate, it’s important to me that our lines of communication always be open and she be permitted to ask any questions she has regarding hygiene, anatomy, etc..

The conversation surrounding being naked around your kids is funny and lighthearted. However, there are some real benefits to being a naked mom, especially when it comes to the mother-daughter relationship and questions or concerns that girls may have for their moms about their bodies. I have discovered 3 benefits to being a naked mom that I think are important for all moms of daughters to consider.

benefits of being a Naked Mom, mother daughter self-care time, Black mother and daughter in robes with greenery in the background in Japan

3 Benefits to Being a Naked Mom

Being a nude around your daughter provides opportunities to discuss anatomy

To be honest, I didn’t even realize that my daughter might already have questions about the female anatomy until we started showering together. In our household, we use the proper terms for our body parts. She knows “vagina” and “breasts,” and has for a while now. What she did not know, however, was “nipple.” One day, during our shower together, she asked me why my breasts are big while hers are flat, and proceeded to ask me what the “bumps on my breasts” were. She also asked why I “put hair on my vagina,” which was hilarious to me (thanks for pointing out that Mommy needs a waxing appointment, Harper!), but came from a place of pure curiosity for her. These questions led to conversations about nipples and puberty that I was happy to have with her in a developmentally appropriate way. She now understands that different parts of her body will change, grow, and even sprout hair as she matures.

Being a naked mom provides your children with an opportunity to ask questions about your body and their own. When you are naked, your child will likely notice things about your body and be able to ask about them, which isn’t a bad thing. If you want to keep lines of communication about anatomy open with your daughter from a young age, this is a great way to set that standard.

Being a naked mom is one way to model body positivity

As moms, our bodies have been stretched and manipulated inside and out as we have carried, birthed, and cared for our children. I have personally never met a mom who can honestly say that her body is 100% identical to what it was before having children. The world teaches us to hide our bodies and cover our imperfections with shape wear and baggy clothing. However, this is not something that I want to teach my children.

Being a naked mom is one of the best ways to model body positivity for your children as it shows them that you are comfortable with the skin you are in. Instead of hiding any imperfections you may have, you are confident enough to be undressed. I love when my daughter points out my c-section scar proclaiming, “that’s the scar you got when me and Jaxson were born!” I always tell her that it’s my favorite scar of all because it’s the one that gave me my two biggest blessings. While I am not at all suggesting to my child that she walk around naked in front of any and everyone, I do want to teach her that she should love her body, scars and all. I also want to teach her that bodies come in different shapes and sizes and being naked in front of her has given me the opportunity to do that.

Showering with your daughter gives you a chance to teach proper hygiene

When my daughter gets into the bath tub, actually cleaning herself is usually the last thing on her mind. She wants to splash and play while I do the heavy lifting. However, while bath time can be fun, it’s also important that children learn the importance of cleanliness and how to take care of their bodies appropriately.

Being a naked mom gives you a chance to teach proper hygiene. As a mother to a young girl, when you shower with your daughter, you can literally model how to clean different body parts. When Harper and I shower together, I first bathe her, then, I give her some soap and have her bathe herself while I do the same. I say things like, “see how Mommy cleans under her arms like this?”  I’ve noticed that she needs less and less direction and is learning how to clean her own body, which I know is going to be important for her independence down the line when her hygiene is 100% her responsibility and she doesn’t want (or need) help anymore.

3 Benefits of Being a Naked Mom, mother and daughter self-care tips, mother daughter relationships, Black woman and girl in robes

I know that all moms aren’t naked moms, and I get it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with modesty and there are definitely other ways to teach these lessons. I do encourage you to spend some time discussing anatomy and hygiene with your children, regardless of if you are a naked mom or not. The mother-daughter relationship creates a special opportunity to model body positivity and cleanliness by showing your little girl exactly how to take care of herself. Being naked around your children is a great way to open lines of communication and have conversations in a safe setting where you can rest assured that they are getting correct, age appropriate. answers to their questions. While I know that we won’t shower together forever, I do hope that my daughter always knows that she is welcome to ask me whatever questions she may have about all things womanhood. I pray that I’m setting a good example.

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