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Atlanta Tanqueray Ten Brunch

After being away from the Atlanta social scene for the last 7 months, I’m SO excited to be back. When I was invited to attend the Tanqueray Ten Brunch at one of the city’s most popular Sunday brunch spots, I was thankful for the opportunity to get out and about in my city. My husband and I took full advantage of the invitation and treated it as a midday date. While I wasn’t a big gin drinker before, the delicious cocktails I got to sample at the Tanqueray Ten Brunch made me a believer!

I had a blast at Atlanta's Tanqueray Ten Brunch! Read all about my experience at the event on

The Tanqueray Ten Brunch was held at Atlantis Restaurant and Lounge, which has apparently become the place to be in Atlanta on Sunday afternoons. The vibe was absolutely perfect for a Sunday – it was low-key but still fun with delicious cocktails, fabulous brunch dishes, and great music. I’ve found that the older I get, the more I prefer a day party over a night out at a club, and the Tanqueray Ten Brunch was just what the doctor ordered. My husband and I snacked on chicken and waffles and sipped on fresh cocktails infused with Tanqueray gin as we spent the afternoon vibing to music and networking with other attendees.

My husband is a big gin guy and Tanqueray and Sprite has been one of his favorite drinks for a while now. I never understood why he liked gin so much, but now that I’ve tasted it, I totally get it! The drinks at the Tanqueray Ten Brunch were absolutely delicious. They were cool and light and I could barely taste the liquor, which is how I prefer my cocktails. I’m now inspired to create my own drink and am already brainstorming about ingredients for the perfect Tanqueray based cocktail recipes to serve during my get togethers this summer.

Tanqureay Ten Brunch Chicken and Waffles

Chicken and Waffles

Tanqueray Ten Brunch Menu
The Green Machine and the Watermelon Cooler

The Green Machine and the Watermelon Cooler

Tanqueray Ten Brunch Atlanta

What I Wore to the Tanqueray Ten Brunch

Zac Posen + Valentino - More on
Tanqueray Ten Brunch
I'm sharing the PERFECT midday date outfit on LiveLifeWell! Get the scoop on this outfit that I wore to the Atlanta Tanqueray Ten Brunch.

Outfit images pre-shot by

Tyler McCelland in Atlanta, Georgia

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White Shirt: Uniqlo – Tokyo, Japan (similar)

Lace Up Top: Zara – Hong Kong, China (similar)

Shorts: Pull & Bear – Bali, Indonesia (similar)

Shoes: Valentino – Hong Kong, China (similar – less than $50!)

Bag: Zac Posen – Henry Bendel – New York, New York (similar)

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