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Bloggers I Love: A Blissful Haven

After reading other blogs religiously for months, Lexi started her blog, A Blissful Haven, in March 2014. She’s always loved writing and felt that she was at a point in her life where she really wanted to get her thoughts and feelings out there. On A Blissful Haven, you can find a wide range of topics such as fashion, beauty, DIY, current obsessions, and the trials and tribulations of a 23 year old girlfriend, dog mom, and new homeowner.

Bloggers I Love - A Blissful Haven

Lexi resides in Ohio and loves to spend time with her boyfriend and their beagle, Boone. As a new homeowner, she enjoys decorating and organizing and the blog posts that she’s written about their journey building furniture for their home are some of her favorites. She also really loves the post that she wrote offering relationship advice to her readers. In her free time, Lexi enjoys spending time with family, going to bars to watch local bands, and binge watching shows on Netflix.

A Blissful Haven

Lexi loves being a lifestyle blogger because she appreciates the freedom that comes along with this niche. In her recent post on A Blissful Haven, she explained that when she created her blog, she wanted it to be about taking time to escape from reality. “I wanted A Blissful Haven to be my own unique place on the internet. There are so many different blogs out there so I needed to figure out how to be unique. So many times in life, we get swept up in the day to day that we often forget to find time for ourselves. I wanted my place on the internet to be a place where someone could take a break and find something interesting to read,” she explained.

A Blissful Haven will be turning two this month and although Lexi is proud of the amount of followers she’s gained and the improvements in her writing, her biggest accomplishments are the genuine friendships that she’s made through blogging. Looking forward, Lexi hopes that A Blissful Haven is successful and that, one day, she is able to be a stay at home mom who blogs and gives people a little escape from their day to day reality.

Lexi - A Blissful Haven

Be sure to check out Lexi’s blog, A Blissful Haven, and follow along on social media.


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