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Bloggers I Love: Burpees and Brunch

Throughout Anicia’s personal health and fitness journey, she has had two weaknesses: burpees and brunch. She turned those weaknesses into strengths and learned to love them both and, last December, Burpees and Brunch was born. Burpees and Brunch is a fitness based lifestyle blog created as a unique destination to explore all things fitness, fashion, food, and lifestyle. Burpees and Brunch isn’t your average health and fitness blog and on Anicia’s website, you won’t find any bodybuilding tips, ridiculous cleanses, or cheesey Instagram models. What you will find is fun and practical ways to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle and inspiration to continue on your personal fitness journey.

Burpees and Brunch

Anicia is a midwestern girl living in the heart of the New York City. She’s a self proclaimed adventurer, and a lover of travel, food, wine, live music, and athleisure fashion. After bouncing around between Washington D.C., Miami, and San Francisco, she left her dream job as a corporate event planner and decided to take the freelance route and move across the country to pursue her passion. She became a fitness instructor in the Big Apple and, out of a desire to reach more people, she created Burpees and Brunch to show the world that fitness comes in all different shapes and sizes.

Anicia’s favorite quote is, “you may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated,” and these words echo in her personal health and fitness journey, which she so vulnerably shares on her blog. “I told myself that if I was able to lose weight and get healthy while battling two chronic illnesses that I wasn’t going to keep it a big secret. I was going to show the word that you can have this lifestyle. You don’t have to be in shape or healthy already. You don’t have to be a model. You don’t have to be an athlete. All you have to do is be you,” she explains.

Bloggers I Love: Burpees and Brunch

What was originally created as an Instagram account to share fitness and healthy eating tips with her friends and family  has grown into so much more and, in 5 years, Anicia sees herself being the ultimate girl boss. She is in the process of creating global workshops, classes, events, and a Burpees and Brunch branded apparel line. Her dream is to expand her blog into a one stop shop for all things fitness, lifestyle, and health related where people contribute and share their own personal journeys, and I’d say she’s well on her way.

Check out Burpees and Brunch online and be sure to follow along on social media!


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