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Completing Your Summer Bucket List with Groupon

*This post was sponsored by Groupon, but all opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure statement for more information.

The first day of autumn is September 22 which means you still have some time to complete your summer bucket list. Find out how Groupon can help! #sponsored

The first day of autumn is Thursday, September 22nd. That means that in a little more than 6 weeks, summer ’16 will officially be in the books. If you’re anything like me, each summer, you create either a mental or a literal checklist of things you want to do while the weather is warm and the days are long. You also look back at that list at the end of each summer and realize just how many things you didn’t have a chance to do. Life happens and time truly flies, but with Groupon, there’s still time to complete your summer bucket list!

Completing Your Summer Bucket List with Groupon

Whether your summer bucket list includes a ferris whee ride, a visit to the zoo, a helicopter tour, or a kayaking trip, Groupon offers something for everyone. What makes it that much easier to check things off of your summer bucket list is that Groupon’s things to do are a fraction of the cost, which means you can do more for less. I’ve personally been dying to have a wine tasting day with my girls all summer, and since Groupon offers a variety of wine tours for more than 30% off, I know I’ll be able to cross that off my summer bucket list for sure.

Summer 2016 has been full of ups and downs and with only 43 days remaining until the season comes to an end, I want to make the days count. There is so much to do this time of year, and Groupon makes it easy to discover and take advantage of your options without spending a ton of cash. I’m confident that with the help of Groupon’s extensive list of things to do in my area, I’ll be able to cross quite a few things off of my summer bucket list before the leaves start to change.

Did you create a summer bucket list? If so, what things would you still like to complete before the end of the season?

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