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Ditching "I'm Fine" - 3 Things We're Saying Instead

Updated: Jan 17

This year, my husband and I have decided we are no longer saying “I’m fine” in our marriage.

Let’s be real - 9 times out of 10 if your significant other asks what’s wrong and your response is “I’m fine,” it’s a lie. There are so many other (healthier) ways to communicate in a relationship and we are all about effective communication this year and beyond.

Here's what DeQuan and I are saying instead of “I’m fine”:

  1. “We do need to talk but now is not the time, can we discuss it when ______ (the kids are in bed/my mom leaves/we get home/etc.)”

  2. “I need some time to gather my thoughts before I share. Can you give me a few minutes?”


The third is honestly ideal. Why waste time in your head about something that can likely be addressed and resolved so that we can both move on and enjoy each other’s company’s.

Life is too short to keep things bottled up, especially with the person you love most.

We shared more about our intentional marriage on my YouTube channel:

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