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Eating My Way Through Ponce City Market: Fish Camp

Those of you who followed my adventures in Japan know that indulging in Tokyo’s restaurant scene was something that I really enjoyed. I started Eating My Way Through Tokyo to chronicle the amazing restaurants I tried while living in the area. Atlanta has always been a foodie city, and when I returned, the number of new restaurants that had opened during my time away excited me to no end. The area I was most excited about exploring was Ponce City Market. Ponce City Market is a mixed-use development located in Atlanta’s historic Sears, Roebuck, and Co. building. It’s a huge indoor/outdoor complex that contains shops, office space, living space, a rooftop park , and an amazing food hall. As a foodie, the part about Ponce City Market that makes me most excited is the wide range of restaurant options. My mission is to try each and every restaurant in Ponce City Market’s Food Hall, then rank my top 5. The first restaurant that I tried during my quest to eat my way through Ponce City Market was W.H. Stiles Fish Camp and it set the bar pretty high.

I'm on a mission to try and review every restaurant in Ponce City Market. Read all about my experience at Fish Camp on

Eating My Way Through Ponce City Market: Fish Camp

Located in the central food hall, Fish Camp is a Star Provision’s creation (think Bacchanalia) that serves up freshly caught seafood. The restaurant prides itself on being an urban fish shack and features a raw shellfish bar, sandwiches, salads, bowls of fish, chowders, amazing homemade seltzers, and a variety of beers and wines. The sandwiches are served with chips on the side, but other options, such as slaw and hush puppies, are available as well.


Before I came up with the Eating My Way Through Ponce City Market concept, I dined at Fish Camp during lunch one weekday afternoon. Although I didn’t document my experience, I will never forget how tasty the lobster roll was. When it comes to seafood sandwiches, I think the bread makes all the difference, and the buttered roll the lobster was served on was out of this world. I enjoyed my meal so much that I returned with my husband a few weeks later (and this time, I was sure to bring my camera along). I feasted on the crispy shrimp po boy and had hush puppies on the side. Although I will say that I liked the lobster roll better, the shrimp po boy was really good as well.


Fish Camp does not have your normal soft drinks and instead serves homemade seltzers. Although this may seem odd to people who like to play it safe with a coke at every meal, the seltzers are honestly a big part of what will keep me going back to W.H. Stiles Fish Camp again and again. I’ve tried two flavors and both have been equally delicious. They are the perfect refreshing beverage for a hot summer day and pair very well with their seafood menu options.


For seafood lovers like myself, Fish Camp is a great lunch or dinner option in Ponce City Market. There is traditional seating available at the bar or patrons can order at the counter and take their meals to either indoor or outdoor tables. I’ve had my fair share of lobster rolls in Atlanta, and Fish Camp’s takes the cake as my favorite.

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Bonus: I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but after our lunch at Fish Camp, my husband sipped a cup of iced joe from Spiller Park Coffee, a coffee stand in Ponce City Market named after a historic Atlanta ballpark. He gave their coffee two thumbs up.


Any suggestions as to where my next stop in PCM should be? What’s your favorite restaurant in the food hall?

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