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Game Day in Japan

This past weekend, my husband played his first basketball game with his team here in Japan. As they announced his name over the loud speaker in the arena, I found myself tearing up. Ever since his first professional game almost four years ago, I always get emotional the first time a new team cheers his name. I am so proud of how far he’s come and that I’ve gotten to witness it all.

I was curious as to what a basketball game in Japan would be like. I’ve been to plenty of NBA games and games in Europe, but never a game on this side of the globe. In retrospect, having been to not one, but two games over the weekend, I see that basketball is basketball and fans are fans no matter where you are. Although the fans weren’t quite as loud as the fans were last season in Italy, they were just as involved, energetic, and excited to see their team play. They welcomed my husband with open arms, and extended the same courtesy to me as they high fived me, welcomed me to Chiba, offered me snacks and candy, and included me in their group photos. Although there was  a little bit of a language barrier at times, I felt totally welcome and a part of the Chiba Jets family.

I always get super excited for game days. Being abroad, I spend so much of my time in workout gear riding my bike around town while my husband is at practice, so going to a game is a much needed excuse to get dolled up. Here’s what I wore to my husband’s first game in Japan:

Atlanta Blogger

Basketball Wife

Fashion Blogger

Outfit images pre-shot by Akia + Co in Atlanta, Georgia

Trench Blouse: Tags Boutique – Atlanta, Georgia

Tank: Old Navy – Atlanta, Georgia

Jeans: Pull & Bear – Milan, Italy

Shoes: Galeries Lafayette – Paris, France

Bag: Louis Vuitton – Atlanta, Georgia

Lippy: MAC Viva Glam – Color: A64

Have you ever been to a sporting event abroad? If so, how was it different from sporting events you’ve attended at home? I would love to hear from you!

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