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How to Revamp Your Goals for the New Season

Happy First Week of Spring! Spring is a season of rebirth. Everything comes back to life and change is definitely in the air. Spring brings a renewed drive and sense of confidence because, as we see what’s happening in nature, we know that the possibilities are truly endless. The beginning of the new season is a fabulous time to revamp your goals.

I’ve introduced a lot of new products and services on LiveLifeWell in the last few weeks. I launched a travel planning service, completed my first travel related e-guide, released a planner specifically for wives like me, re-launched my t-shirt line on my all new Shop LiveLifeWell site, and begun the process of planning an incredible event I will co-host in Atlanta this summer. In order to create all these new services, products, and concepts for events, I had to do some real soul searching and goal setting. I realized that it was time to rethink my current goals and establish some new ones that were more in line with what I want both personally and professionally and where I hope to be in the next few months. We all need to press the reset button every once in a while and take some time to figure out what it truly is that we want out of our blogs, brands, relationships, careers, and/or businesses. Revamping my goals gave me a renewed sense of motivation and I’m SO ready for the changes that I know spring will bring. Here’s how you can revamp your goals for the new season.

Spring is the season of change! Check out my tips on how to revamp your goals and align them with your passion.

How to Revamp Your Goals for the New Season

Take a look at your previous goals

We’ll never know where we’re going unless we look back at where we’ve been. When I realized that it was time to update my goals, the first thing that I did was look back at the goals I set when I first started blogging (which I can’t believe has been almost 10 months ago now). My goals back then were really simple and I’m proud to say that I reached and surpassed all of them. Taking a look at my previous goals allowed me to really track my progress and see how far I’ve come. It also reminded me why I started, which is really important for me. I never want to forget the vision that I had when I first started LiveLifeWell. Although things may change, I never want to stray too far away from my initial mission.

Consider what has worked well and what hasn’t 

This was honestly my least favorite part of revamping my goals, but it was probably the most important. It’s no fun to think about what hasn’t worked, especially when some of the things we think will be really successful and go over really well don’t get the responses from others that we anticipate. For example, I thought holding challenges (like my recent Snack Well Challenge and my No Shop November Challenge) would be awesome ways to get people involved with LiveLifeWell, but honestly, those didn’t get the participation that I was hoping for. While I won’t say I’ll never host a challenge again, I realize that that’s obviously not what my readers want from me right now and I kept that in mind when I set my new and improved goals. Although this step is not at all meant to discourage you, it is meant to help you be realistic in your goal setting. Considering what works and what doesn’t for my brand and audience helped me to determine what people really need from me and align my goals with ensuring that they get it.

Determine what you love to do

It’s taken me a while to figure out what I’m really passionate about, especially in terms of blogging. In undergrad, I double majored in public relations and psychology and minored in marketing and religious studies (just to show you how many different things I was interested in). After college, I narrowed my focus when I decided to pursue my master’s degree in marriage and family counseling. But, that narrowed focus didn’t translate over to my blog. There are quite a few things that I enjoy doing and that I like blogging about, so I had to do some real soul searching to narrow down the list of things that I’m truly passionate about. As you revamp your personal or professional goals, it’s so important that you determine what you really love because it’s no secret that if you do what you love, you’ll love what you do.  In the last couple of months, mostly through trial and error, I’ve realized that there are three things that I’m passionate about: travel, fashion, and marriage. I love to travel and share the experiences that I have during my voyages. I love to shop, to get dressed in clothes that I adore and to provide outfit inspiration. I also love love and I enjoy sharing things about my marriage, as well as things that I’ve learned throughout the course of my master’s program. I’m especially passionate about providing resources to other wives by sharing things that they can do to improve their marriages and their lives as a whole. What I love about having a lifestyle blog is that I have the freedom to incorporate all of these things and more into what I write about without being forced to choose just one. These things are all a huge part of who I am and the life that I live, and I would be selling myself short if I chose to focus on one over the others. Determine the thing (or things, if you’re like me) that you are passionate about as you revamp your goals.

Figure out what you can do with your passion

Once I determined what I truly love, my next task was to figure out how I could utilize my passion, my expertise, and my talents to inspire others. As you revamp your goals, think about how you can use your gifts to positively impact other people, whether it’s using your organizational skills to help your family start meal planning, using your fashion sense to provide outfit inspiration on your blog, or using your knack for event planning to plan an event that will take your business to the next level. Your goals should mostly revolve around what you’re passionate about and how you can utilize the gifts and expertise that accompany those passions.

New Season, New Goals

While like any blogger, my goals will always include things like increasing my monthly page views, gaining more subscribers, connecting with more people via social media, producing better content, and, eventually, monetizing, revamping my goals helped me to create goals that are more specific to my passions and what I want for LiveLifeWell as a brand. My new and improved goals have purpose and are all totally relevant to my vision. Here are a few of my revamped goals:

  1. Join 5 Facebook groups related to marriage or travel by April 1, 2016 in order to reach  and build connections with more wives and travel enthusiasts.

  2. Help 3 people to plan amazing trips using my travel planning service by August 31, 2016.

  3. Create and launch an e-course for wives by December 31, 2016.

  4. Collaborate with at least 3 more fashion related brands and at least 1 travel related brand by October 1, 2016.

  5. Write and release second travel related e-guide by August 1, 2016.

How do you plan to revamp your goals this season? Here’s a free goal setting worksheet to help you!

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