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Keep Calm, It’s Almost Boot Season: Outfit of the Day

For the last few days it’s really looked like boot season in Atlanta. Unfortunately, after about 3 minutes outside it’s clear that it’s definitely still summer! This look from last week’s shopping outing with my mom was my attempt to start boot season a little early! Although it’s not quite fall, I’m into fall tones like the nude hue of this super cute little dress from one of my favorite boutiques. The crazy thing about the change of seasons is that I always want the weather to change until it actually does. A few weeks from now, I’m sure I’ll be completely missing summer and everything that comes along with it.




Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Dress: Naked Zebra – K-La Boutique – Atlanta, Georgia

Shoes: Fab’rik Boutique – Atlanta, Georgia

Lippy: MAC Lipglass – Color: Plum Fun

I know I’m not the only one feigning for boots, nude and dark tones, and comfy sweaters! Who else is ready for the seasons to change and what’s the piece of fall fashion you’re most excited about?

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