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Learning to LOVE the Chiba Jets

Me with Jumbo, the team's mascot

Last weekend, I attended my husband’s first set of  basketball games with his new team, the Chiba Jets. It was an amazing experience and I enjoyed meeting the fans, seeing the team in action, and getting to know a little bit about the club. Here are a few things that I learned about the Chiba Jets last weekend:

  1. Their colors are red and white.

  2. They joined the JBL (Japanese Basketball League) in 2005 and will compete in the first division of the new Japanese Professional Basketball League, which will begin operating next year.

  3. The head coach is from Croatia and coached in Croatia, Spain, and Greece before coming to Japan.

  4. Their mascot, Jumbo, is a pink elephant (pictured above).

  5. This weekend’s win was a milestone for the team as they reached their 100th all time victory.

As a kid, I hated turtlenecks. I always felt super confined in them and found them extremely uncomfortable. On top of that, I honestly just thought they looked really silly. As an adult, I think turtlenecks are not only practical in the winter (who wants a cold neck?!), but they are also very chic. I love the way a simple black turtleneck looks paired with denim, a statement necklace, boots, and a fabulous bag. It’s funny how there are some styles that we absolutely hated as children, but love now that we’re all grown up. Here’s what I wore with my turtleneck to my husband’s second game last weekend:

Basketball Wife

Fashion Blogger

Lifestyle Blog

Outfit images pre-shot by Tyler McCelland in Atlanta, Georgia

Turtleneck: Zara – London, UK

Jumper Dress: Zara – London, UK

Lippy: MAC Matte Lipstick – Color: Instigator

What styles did you hate as a kid but absolutely love as an adult? Which of my two game day looks from last weekend’s back to back games is your favorite (click here to see what I wore to the first game)?

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