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Straight Hair: The Healthy Way

I’ve said time and time again that while I’ve learned to love and embrace my curls, I really love wearing my hair straight. While naturally curly styles look fabulous on so many ladies I know and love, it’s just my personal preference to wear my hair straight, especially when the temperatures begin to cool down, and I personally feel that it’s a better look for me. Although I prefer my hair in its straightened state, I do like the versatility that comes with being natural (i.e. perm free) and the freedom that I have to choose between curly and straight styles. On top of that, sometimes wearing my hair in it’s natural state just makes more sense (like when I’m on vacation and it will get wet or when I’m working out and sweating daily).

My keratin treatment enables me to straighten my hair with ease but still wear my hair curly whenever I please and it’s my main tool for healthy, straight hair. My fabulous hair stylist does a fantastic job at keeping my hair healthy even while using the heat necessary to get it bone straight, but when I straighten at home, I require a little help to ensure that I’m maintaining the strength of my hair without causing damage and breakage. These products and tools are my lifesavers when it comes to straightening my hair the healthy way:

  1. Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Extra Moisture Transitioning Milk

The worst thing to do is try to straighten hair that’s already dry and brittle. After I wash, condition, and t-shirt dry my hair, I apply a generous amount of Shea Moisture’s Transitioning Milk before I detangle. It helps my hair to detangle easier and provides my hair with the moisture it needs to withstand the heat.

  1. Paul Mitchell Straight Works

I LOVE this product!!!!! I’ve found that the key to flat ironing my hair with as little heat as possible is to get it as straight as possible before I even plug the flat iron in. I apply a small amount of this to each section of my hair and blow dry my hair with high heat using the comb attachment. It helps get my hair basically bone straight before I start flat ironing.

  1. Moroccan Oil Treatment

I swear by all Moroccan Oil products honestly, but the classic oil treatment is the one that I use constantly. I apply a generous amount of the oil after I blow dry my hair while I’m waiting for my flat iron to heat up. It not only gives it shine and helps to prevent frizz, but it also serves as a heat protectant and helps my hair smooth with ease.

  1. Chi Flat Iron (or any flat iron) WITH ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE

I NEVER under ANY circumstances use a flat iron on its highest possible temperature. Most flat irons without a temperature control dial are automatically set to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, so I prefer to use one that enables me to set my own temperature. I flat iron my hair in small sections at around 350 degrees.

  1. Tress Guard

Discovering the Tress Guard changed the game for my at home straightening regimen. The Tress Guard is a thermal protective shield that, in essence, serves as a barrier between your tresses and your flat iron’s plates. It is made of 100% silk and allows you to achieve sleekness and shine while protecting your hair in the process.


Freshly Washed, Wet Hair


Post Blow Dry


Hair Flat Ironed using the Tress Guard

To maintain my styles and protect my tresses further, I wrap my hair EVERY night (no excuses…my husband has come to love and appreciate my scarf). All of these tools help me to straighten my hair the healthy way. You can purchase most of these products and more in the LiveLifeWell Product Shop.

Looking to make the Tress Guard the newest member of your thermal defense team? We are excited to announce that we are giving away a FREE Tress Guard to one lucky reader. See the giveaway link below to enter and prepare to get #FallReady with LiveLifeWell and Tress Guard!

Get #FallReady with LiveLifeWell and Tress Guard

What are your favorite products and tools for straightening your hair the healthy way? I would love to add some of your picks to my list!

*The Tress Guard was gifted to me for a product review but all opinions and views in this blog post are my own. 

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