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Style Tips for Pulling Off the Jumpsuit

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Check out these AMAZING tips for pulling off the jumpsuit

Some people have it in their head that they don’t have the build to wear a jumpsuit, but that doesn’t come quite as a shock given that you can look a lot wider or shorter than you actually are when the outfit isn’t worn properly. It’s true that the onesie ensemble can be quite intimidating, which is why most people opt for an all black or all white piece to play it safe. However, with spring being all about new beginnings, maybe we should stop being afraid of risk and embrace a little bit of experimentation.

One reputable online fashion aggregator is dubbing the jumpsuit as the all-in-one that everyone needs this season, from denim onesies to knitted evening options. Finishing jumpsuits with the right accessories, getting ready for the day has never been easier. But like any item in your wardrobe, you’ll need to style your jumpsuit in certain ways in order to avoid you looking sloppy. Here are a few style tips to get you started:

Style Tips for Pulling Off the Jumpsuit

Pair it with a jacket Blazers work best with jumpsuits, although any kind of jacket can potentially look chic with a jumpsuit, as long as you pick tones that are similar to each other. Blue denim jackets can work with almost any textile, whether it be solid colored or with prints.

Cinch the waist with a belt or scarf Most women will purchase rompers and such that are rouched at the midsection to add or exaggerate their body shape, but don’t sweat it if you don’t have one in this style. The simplest clothing hack that gives the illusion of curves, a belt or scarf around the waist, is just what you need to flatter your body.

Wear heels with a wider pant leg You can get away with wearing sandals or flats with a romper and any skinny leg jumpsuits, but a wider pant leg requires heels. Without the added height, the one-piece can make you look stumpy, especially if you’ve got a petite frame

Tips for Pulling Off the Jumpsuit

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Play around with your outer layers and accessories, and you’ll discover that jumpsuits can be tailored to work for any occasion, even formal events.

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