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Summer Fun – It’s for Parents Too!

Feature of the Month by Antoinette of

Summer Fun Feature of the Month

As parents, we often go above and beyond to ensure that our children have the best summer memories. We carefully choose summer camps and other enriching activities during vacay time for the kiddos, but what about us? Summertime should mean fun for parents, too! You may not have the luxury of having a lot of free time, but it is definitely possible for parents to partake in summertime fun. Don’t let the season pass you by without memories of your own. Here are a few ideas for an unforgettable summer:

  1. Plan ahead! Decide what experiences you hope to have. Is there a certain water park that you’ve always wanted to visit? Has it been a few years since you’ve made it to the beach? Write down your summertime itinerary and take steps to make it happen.

  2. Use those vacation days! Why do we feel so guilty about taking time away from work? You’ve earned the time off so there is no better time than summer to reap the benefits of your hard work. Take at least one memorable trip with your family, even if it’s only a weekend getaway.

  3. Take advantage of “staycation” opportunities. For some, taking a break from the job may not be feasible, but summer fun can still be within reach outside of your work hours. Explore you city! Does your city have a summer festival or maybe even historic sites that have always piqued your interest? Explore and have fun. Are you the outdoorsy type? Camp out in the backyard, or create a fort and turn your living room into a comfy campground. Simple things such as this make the best summer memories.

  4. Make family time a priority. During the school year, quality time with the family often falls casualty to our hectic schedules, which often revolve around extracurricular activities and homework assignments. The freedom of summer lends more time to enjoy the company of your loves ones. Pull out those board games and have a blast.

  5. Are the kids away at summer camp? Go on a couple’s getaway. Whether it be a date night or a weekend excursion. Let your hair down and enjoy! Are you a single parent? Call your good girlfriends or guy friends and make plans for a girls’ or guys’ night out.

Whatever you do, do not leave yourself out of the summer fun equation. At summer’s end, reflect on the wonderful time that you’ve had and make it a point to take it up a notch next year!  You deserve it!

Summer Fun by Antoinette Cain
Find out how you can have some summer fun as a parent in LiveLifeWell's latest feature of the month.

About the Author:

Antoinette C. is the creator of the lifestyle and women’s empowerment blog Truly Charmed. Antoinette is a mom, plus model, and lover of the arts! She encourages all women to defeat the odds, defy naysayers, and claim their charmed lives!

Be sure to check out her blog and follow along on social media!

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