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Summer Must Do List

Feature of the Month by Radena of

Summer Must Do List Radena Colbert

So everyone loves the summer, but I have a confession. Fall is my favorite season of all. It’s not too hot, holidays and family are regulars, and the food -Yum!

Ok but enough about that >ques music < * Summer Summer Summertime* I can hear it playing now. The sun is out and in full effect. Shorts, tank tops, and summer dresses are the go-to with a matching pair of scandals for the perfect attire.

Well, every year to make sure I savor the time, I create a must do list. First up is to enjoy a nice beautiful rooftop restaurant in Atlanta. Nothing beats fresh air hitting your face. Atlanta has the coolest places to hang out.

Next up is a weekend road trip. Nothing too far but just enough to enjoy a little getaway. I do a few things to prepare for this. A playlist of my favorite jams is a must and what’s a road trip without your favorite snacks? It’s so important to get away.

Picnics are also one of my favorite things to do. I like to do the whole nine: the picnic basket, the blanket, fruit, cheese, and wine. The key to a successful picnic is keeping the food light and enjoying outside. A card game, frisbee, and bubbles are perfect to help enjoy the day. Before you know it the sun will be going down and your headed home to your final destination.

Barbecues are the time where I bring out all my cute cutlery like matching plates, cups, and bowls. The night before, I marinate all of my meat and veggies to ensure a successful barbecue. The next day, I bask in the smell of the smokyness coming from the grill as I sit in the shade or on the patio as the food cooks away on the grill. A great way to end the night is with a mini firework show if you want to be fancy.

There is no way that I can let the summer any without letting any water touch my skin. The pool or the beach with a little sun bathing makes for a great summer vibe.

Summer Must Do List Guest Post

Ok, who am I kidding, I do a bucket list for almost each season! What can I say, I just like to maximize the fun I have from year to year. Memories are my favorite thing to have. Pictures always say a thousand words and bring a feeling that just makes my heart happy.

Write back in the comments and tell me your favorite things to do in the summer. I look forward to chatting with you guys. Now go soak in some SUN!

It's not too late to create your summer must do list! In this month's feature, Radena from is giving you the scoop on what to include

About the Author:

My name is Radena Colbert and I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. I am a wife to my lovely husband Hill Colbert of almost 7 years. I’m the mother 2 boys and a baby girl plus a bonus mom to little guy. I’ve earned a BA in Special Education and one in Elementary Education. Majority of the time I enjoy and love being domestic and taking care of my family. When I’m not cooking or spending time with my family I am crafting or hanging out with my girls. Wifestyle Addict is my newest project and it is my little space in cyber world. I love connecting with wives all over the world.

Be sure to check our her blog and follow along on social media!

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