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The Duo Podcast – 10 Episode Recap

Back in February, my mom and I officially launched The Duo Podcast. We have an extra special relationship and through our podcast, it is our hope to celebrate the generational differences between mothers and daughters to cultivate closer relationships between the two. In the 3 months since our launch, we have discussed quite a few interesting topics, been featured on a variety of blogs and social media sites, and hosted our very first event, a mother-daughter barre class. It’s hard to believe that tomorrow, we’ll be releasing our 10th episode! To celebrate the milestone, I’m recapping episodes 1-9 and sharing what you can expect from episode 10:

In celebration of our upcoming 10th episode, I'm recapping episodes 1-9 of The Duo and sharing a sneak peek of Episode 10.

Episode 1: With Valentine’s Day approaching, the hosts of The Duo discuss how your expectations set the tone in relationships. What are your expectations communicating to that special person in your life? Listen Now

Episode 2: To online date, or not to online date…? That is the question! Cyndi and Allison tackle this topic, as well as how social media has changed the shape of dating and relationships in Episode 2 of The Duo. Listen Now

Episode 3: It’s Black History Month and the hosts of The Duo are paying homage to some of the iconic wives of the Civil Rights Movement and discussing how women can support their husbands without losing themselves in the process. Listen Now

Episode 4: The hosts of The Duo have a very special mother-daughter relationship. Some people love it, some people hate it, and some people just can’t understand it! In Episode 4, Cyndi and Allison shed light on how and why mothers and daughters should be friends. Listen Now

Episode 5: In Episode 5, Cyndi and Allison are joined by Mrs. Ashlee Adams of The Social Wives Club to discuss deal breakers in dating, relationships, and even marriage. Listen Now

Episode 6: The hosts of The Duo are travel-addicts and they are not afraid to admit it! In Episode 6, Cyndi and Allison share their picks for Spring Break getaways, as well as their top 5 mother-daughter destinations. Listen Now

Episode 7: Friendship is a topic that everyone can relate to and in Episode 7 of The Duo Podcast, Cyndi and Allison discuss why friends aren’t always supportive to one another. Tune in to find out if you’re a supportive friend and, if not, how you can be! Listen Now

Episode 8: Cyndi and Allison address topics related to how finances should be handled in dating, relationships, and marriage, including who pays for what, separate vs. joint accounts, and the idea of keeping a “secret stash” from you significant other. Listen Now

Episode 9: The hosts of The Duo address a listener question: “Should there be a limit to ‘the sky is the limit’ if your daughter wants a massive, over the top wedding.” They also share a little bit about their  experience planning Allison’s wedding, as well as their wedding splurge vs. wedding save suggestions and planning dos and don’ts. Listen Now

Episode 10: In their 10th episode, Allison and Cyndi discuss how motherhood changes your life including reasons why to consider waiting before you have children. Allison shares why she’s not ready to be a mom and Cyndi shares why she’s not ready to be a grandma. Episode 10 will be available for download tomorrow on iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play.

What has been your favorite episode the far? Is there any topic you would like to hear us address in a future episode?

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