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Top 3 Thursday Three Link Party Posts of 2016

In 2016, I launched the Thursday Three Link Party. The Thursday Three is a link up where bloggers can share creative posts featuring a list of three things. The sky is the limit and the rule is that participants must include the number 3 in the post title. It’s a fun way to get some extra eyes on your post and receive comments from other bloggers. It’s honestly been a labor of love and I really look forward to creating my Thursday Three posts each week. I’ve written quite a few posts for the link party since I launched it last year. I (of course) have some personal favorites and my readers do as well. I’m excited to share the top 3 Thursday Three Link Party posts of 2016:

Last year, I launched the Thursday Three Link Party for bloggers. Check out the 3 most popular Thursday Three posts of 2016.

#3. 3 Reasons You Should Rock Box Braids for Your Next Trip: If you’re planning a vacation and want to keep your hair intact while you’re away, definitely check out this post to find out why box braids are a great option.

#2. 3 Must Do Activities in Marrakech: Is Marrakech on your travel bucket list? If so, you don’t want to miss this post featuring activities you absolutely must do during your visit.

#1. 3 Ways to Set Realistic New Year’s Resolutions: It’s pretty funny that this was the most popular Thursday Three post of 2016 seeing that it was the last. I hope your new year’s resolutions are off to a  great start, but if they need to be revised, this post is for you.

Which of these posts was your favorite? I hope you’ll join today’s link up and participate this year!


Welcome to the Thursday Three Link Up. Who doesn’t love sharing lists on their blogs?? Whether it’s 3 reasons you love your husband, 3 things you hate about graduate school, or 3 awesome birthday gift ideas, the Thursday Three Link Up is a place where you can share your posts and interact with other bloggers. Create an amazing post listing three things of your choosing and link up on LiveLifeWell or Royalty in Reality each and every Thursday! Minimalism is all the rage lately and I’m LOVING it. Sometimes, simple is better. If you’re wondering how simplifying your life might boost your happiness, be sure to check out this post by The Confused Millennial.


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