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3 Festive Things to Do Before Christmas

I hope for your sake that you’re done with your Christmas shopping by now because Lord knows NO ONE wants to brave the lines at Target this weekend to grab last minute items! If you still have some shopping to do, there’s still time to order many of the items off of my gift guides, and with Amazon Prime, they should make it in time for to be just slightly late! Be sure to check them out so you won’t find yourself in line for an hour to grab a gift for that one person you forgot on your list.

There are 3 days left until Christmas, and I’m focusing on creating joy, not only for my kids, but for myself as well. I really do love this time of year, and when the negative emotions hit, I like to shift my mindset and remind myself just because my holiday season may not look like someone else’s doesn’t mean it’s not just as magical.

3 Festive Things to Do Before Christmas:

  1. Make fake snow - I'm in no way the Pinterest mom, so I'm borrowing all these ideas from the creative mamas out there! Harper does love snow and being in the desert for Christmas means she won't see any. Time to make our own.

  2. Get crafty with paper plate Christmas trees - Harper loves crafts and Jaxson is starting to enjoy them, too! I'd rather them not touch the actual Christmas tree 😅 so I'm letting them make their own.

  3. Watch some classic Christmas cartoons - Nothing makes it feel more like Christmas than the classics! Rudolph, Frosty, the Grinch, and Mickey. We're grabbing some popcorn in our Christmas jammies and enjoying a few!

Merry Christmas to each of you! I hope you're able to be present and feel the joy that comes with the holiday.

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