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3 Reasons Why Blogging Can Be Therapeutic

Although my mental health wasn’t something I was considering when I started LiveLifeWell last summer, one thing that’s become apparent to me is that blogging can be therapeutic. As a counselor-in-training, mental health is something that is very important to me. LiveLifeWell has done so much for so many aspects of my life, and one thing that it has definitely improved is my mental health. There was a time when I felt like no one really saw me. I felt like I had so much to say, but no one to say it to. Blogging has been my saving grace.

Blogging definitely has it's benefits, but one thin no one talks about is how it benefits mental health!

3 Reasons Why Blogging Can Be Therapeutic

  1. It provides an outlet: Similar to journaling, blogging helps you to get your thoughts out. It provides an outlet and a way to share your voice. One thing I love about blogging is knowing that my voice is being heard. We all have a story to tell and someone, somewhere needs to hear it just as much as we need to share it!

  2. Your blog is something that is yours and yours alone: There’s very little that we have control over in life, and blogging creates a space that is yours and yours alone. For the most part, you have complete control over your content and the look and feel of your blog. You have control over the brands you work with and what you share on social media. The freedom that comes along with blogging is definitely therapeutic.

  3. Blogging builds confidence: One important lesson that I’ve learned in my first year of blogging is NEVER to compare my journey to others. Once you learn this crucial lesson (which applies not only to blogging, but to life in general), blogging can build confidence. Realizing that people are benefiting from what you’re sharing (whether that be 3 people or 3000) is empowering and it shows you that your voice matters.

Why Blogging Can Be Therapeutic
Reasons why blogging can be therapeutic
Mental Health Benefits of Blogging
Blogging Can Be Therapeutic

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How has blogging been therapeutic for you?


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