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3 Relationship Topics to Keep Private

My husband and I consider ourselves to be very open people. We’re both active on social media (me, more so than him) and since I established my blog and recently launched my podcast, I find myself sharing more and more of our lives with the world. I honestly like to share the good and bad parts of my life. I consider this to be part of authenticity and I pride myself in being a “real” basketball wife (i.e. not one who just shares about the advantages of this lifestyle without also sharing the downsides). Although I, in most cases, consider myself to be an open book, I do believe that there are some things that should be private. All relationships, and especially marriages, are sacred and sharing some aspects of your marriage with the world take away from the sanctity of the union. If you ask me, these 3 relationship topics should be kept private:

In a day and age where sharing is encouraged, be sure to keep these 3 relationship topics to yourself.
  1. Intimate details of your sex life: I’m pretty open about sex. I’m comfortable discussing it in just about any setting and will talk generally about my sex life. While I may talk briefly about what I like and dislike in bed, I’ll never share my husband’s preferences. At the end of the day, when you talk about sex, you’re not just sharing your own business, but you’re also sharing your mate’s. You should always consider if what you’re sharing would be something that he or she would be comfortable with the rest of the world (or even your best friend) knowing. My mom also always taught me that you should never give anyone so much information about your husband that she could take him from you. Although I trust my husband 110%, other women just don’t need to know what he likes or what he’s working with.

  2. Family secrets: Some secrets are just not yours to tell. You should ALWAYS keep secrets that you husband or boyfriend has told you about his family under wraps. While it might be tempting to share them with someone you’re close to, but think about how you would feel if the shoe was on the other foot and your boo told your family’s business to his friends, or even to his own family.

  3. Petty arguments: We’ve all had a fight with our significant other and wanted so badly to pick up the phone and tell our mom, sister, cousin, aunt, and best friend. While I think it’s appropriate to ask for advice and guidance from a close confidant when it comes to the major things, it’s wise to keep petty disagreements private until you reach a resolution. Why, you ask? Because while you may get over it quickly and be able to kiss your honey and make up, you family and friends are more likely to hold grudges. I would never want my family and friends to dislike my husband over something silly, so I prefer to keep our petty differences to myself until they’re over with and I can tell the story with a smile on my face instead of in tears.

What relationship topics do you think it’s important to keep to yourself?


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