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3 Single Friends You’ll Discover After You Say I Do

It’s easy to say that getting married won’t change things, but the truth is, in some ways, it does.  While a lot and wives may lie and say that getting married didn’t change any of their friendships, I’m willing to bet that that’s not the case. While the strong relationships will hopefully stay the same, some that don’t have as much of a foundation may suffer or even disappear.  It’s not always the new Mrs. that changes. Sometimes, it’s her friends. Now that you’re a married woman, they see you differently. I’ve been married for over two years now and while I’m blessed to say that the majority of my relationships are still intact, I definitely discovered 3 types of single friends after I said “I Do.”

It's not always the new Mrs. that changes. Sometimes, it's her friends. These are the 3 types of single friends you'll discover after you say "I Do"

The “You’re Missing Out” Friend

This friend wears her single life like a badge of honor. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being single and independent, she tries to make you feel like, as a wife, you’re missing out. She says things like, “I would invite you out with me – but I know you’re old and married now and can’t come,” and “no offense, but I can’t imagine why you would want to be tied down so soon when there’s so much fun to be had.”

The “We Can’t All Be Married at [insert age] Like You” Friend

This friend makes you feel guilty whenever you mention your husband or marriage in her presence. If you get married before the age of 28, you’re sure to encounter this one. While she means well, she treats you as though just because you’re married, you have no understanding of what it’s like to be single. She says things like, “well you know there are those of us who do have to look for a husband on Tinder – but you probably don’t even know what that is,” and “have fun with your husband tonight! I’ll just be home watching Netflix by myself while you’re booed up.”

The “You’re Still My Girl” Friend 

This friend realizes that just because you’re married doesn’t mean that you don’t still enjoy the same things that you once did. She doesn’t try to make you feel guilty for having a husband and she doesn’t treat you like you have the plague because you’re married. Although you may be at different points in your lives in some ways, you can still relate to one another and maintain common ground in so many other areas. She is consistent, caring, and understanding and you appreciate that she sees that changing your last name didn’t change who you are and how much you value your friendships.

Are you single? If so, which friend are you? If you’re married, what type of friends did you encounter after you said I Do?


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