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5 Things I Admire About My Husband

Today is my husband’s 26th birthday. Last year, when he joined the quarter century club, I threw him an intimate surprise birthday party and this year, we’re celebrating in Anguilla. People often ask why I go all out for my husband’s birthday each and every year, and besides the fact that we like to celebrate everything, the simple answer is that he deserves it. He’s an amazing man and an amazing life partner and while I try my hardest to let him know he’s appreciated every day of the year, I like to go all out on his birthday.

To say that I look up to my husband would honestly be an understatement. I’ve said time and time again that I’m married to my hero, and each and every day he finds new ways to make me proud. In honor of his birthday, I’m excited to share 5 things that I admire about my husband.

In honor of my husband's 26th birthday, I'm sharing 5 things I admire about him

5 Things I Admire About My Husband

  1. His sense of humor: My sense of humor and my husband’s are basically polar opposites. I rarely think movies or TV shows are funny (besides Bridesmaids and Sisters – those were both pretty funny) and he literally laughs out loud reading text messages from his college teammates. He watches stand ups, loves comedic movies, and finds shows like Eastbound and Down (that I think are dumb) completely hilarious. What I admire about my husband’s sense of humor is that he doesn’t take life too seriously. He’s lighthearted and always willing to laugh at himself. On top of that, he goes above and beyond to make other people laugh and succeeds at it every day.

  2. His work ethic: DeQuan works hard and there’s really no better way to say it. He puts time and effort into the things he’s passionate about. His drive is always something that I’ve found so attractive. He motivates me every day to give my all, go after what I want, and be the best version of myself I can be.

  3. His charm: DJ is always the most charming person in the room and I absolutely love it. He’s outgoing and likable and people just seem to be drawn to him. He’s able to build relationships with ease and people genuinely enjoy being in his presence. I always joke that he could sell snow to an eskimo, but the truth is, he’s just that charming. His charm is a trait that I hope one day rubs off on me.

  4. His pride: In a time when black men in this country are being constantly targeted for one reason or another, my husband is proud to be a black man. The thing that I admire so much about his pride is that he’s not afraid to voice it. His “Black is Beautiful” t-shirt has been in and out of the laundry so many times that it almost has holes in it. Not only is he proud of his race, but he’s also proud of where he comes from. He’s proud of what he’s been through and how it shaped him into the person he is today. The beautiful thing about his pride is that it’s contagious.

  5. His thirst for knowledge: My mom often jokes that DJ reads so much that he may as well be in graduate school and it’s SO true. He’s always looking to learn. Whether it be participating in webinars, watching documentaries, attending cultural events, or reading, he has a thirst for knowledge that I admire so much. The fact that he recognizes the importance of education and seeks it out even when he doesn’t have to is something that I love about him.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful, smart, charming, handsome, hard-working husband! I know 26 has some great things in store for you and I’m so glad to have you as my best friend and partner in life. I love you more than words!

5 Things I Admire About My Husband

What do you admire about your significant other?

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