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Bloggers I Love: The Sparkling Southerner

Danielle Buchanan is the Sparkling Southerner. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Danielle loves being from the south and embraces all the positive things that comes along with it. Her love for shopping and fashion (especially for things that sparkle and shine) fused with her southern upbringing inspired her to start her blog in July of last year. On the Sparkling Southerner, Danielle shares fashion, style, food, and travel pieces to give readers a glimpse into the southern life and to inspire fabulous outfit ideas.

The Sparkling Southerner

Danielle received her bachelor’s degree from Eckerd University in 2015 and is currently enrolled in a pre medical post baccalaureate program and on the road to medical school. Her dream is to one day become a cardiovascular surgeon and, while she is enjoying blogging about fashion, she hopes to eventually change her niche a little to create a space for women in higher education. “I want to show people how to still incorporate fashion into their lives when they may not have time because of long hours on the job or having to wear scrubs all day. You can still find a way to incorporate your own sense of style,” Danielle explained.

Bloggers I Love: The Sparkling Southerner
LiveLifeWell Blogger I Love

Danielle lives by the quote, “throw kindness like confetti,” and enjoys shopping, being pampered at the nail salon, spending time with friends, exploring places she has never been, and trying new restaurants in her spare time. Her love for all things sparkly shined in a recent blog post she wrote (which also happens to be her favorite one to date) featuring her New Year’s Eve outfit consisting of sequins and fringe. The positive reactions that readers have had to the Sparkling Southerner has been a major source of inspiration for Danielle and she’s eager and excited to keep throwing fashion ideas (and kindness) like confetti as she continues on her blogging journey.

Check out the Sparkling Southerner online and be sure to follow along on social media!

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