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Bloggers I Love: The Veganista Foodie

Born and raised in Santa Barbara, Latisha “Tish” Strickland is the Veganista Foodie. As an animal lover and 4-year vegan, Tish created the Veganista Foodie as a means of furthering the vegan movement. On her blog, she shares plant based recipes, restaurant review, vegan events, plant based lifestyle tips, and cruelty free product reviews. Her mission is to get as much information about plant based living out there as possible and she hopes to become a one stop resource for anyone looking for more information about a plant based lifestyle.

The Veganista Foodie

Tish, who currently resides in the Santa Clarita Valley with her longtime boyfriend and their two kitty children, recently finished graduate school and has a master’s degree in public administration. She enjoys exploring new cities, trying new foods, and working out. When the time permits, she loves reading a good book or watching a fascinating movie and she also has a few guilty pleasure TV shows that she watches regularly. She chose to call her blog the Veganista Foodie as a play on words to reflect her love for fashion and beauty (as in fashionista) and because she has always been a foodie at heart. She loves the freedom associated with blogging and enjoys being able to make her own hours and be her own boss. Her strategy is to provide information about her lifestyle in a way that is approachable, nonjudgmental, and stemmed in positivity, and this approach has helped her to gain more than 5000 page likes on Facebook, which is her biggest blogging accomplishment thus far.

Bloggers I Love: The Veganista Foodie
The Veganista Foodie - Cats

Tish’s love for great food and wine is reflected on the Veganista Foodie. Her favorite blog post is one that she wrote featuring a recipe that she loves and makes for herself regularly, Chia Lime Avocado Toast. “I love that it is a recipe that isn’t intimidating. Even the most novice chef can make it. It is simple, healthy, and delicious,” she explained. Tish lives by the quote, “Breathe in peace. Breathe out love,” and although she has only been blogging seriously since late last year, she is enjoying the adventure and looks forward to what’s to come. It is her hope that, down the line, the Veganista Foodie will be a widely known and recognized brand and a go-to resource for information on plant based living.

Check out the Veganista Foodie online and be sure to follow along on social media!

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