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How to OWN Your Superpower in 3 Easy Steps

Each and every one of us has a superpower. We all have a gift (or two) – something that we’re extra good at that we find ourselves helping others with or utilizing over and over again. If you ask me, these skills are just as important as Spiderman’s web spinning and wall crawling, Superman’s ability to fly and x-ray vision, and the Incredible Hulk’s crazy amount of strength. These skills that we so often take for granted are our superpowers and I think it’s important that we own them!

We all have God-given gifts just waiting to be utilized! Find out how to OWN your superpower in 3 easy steps.

3 Steps to Owning Your Superpower

Recognize it

The first step in owning your superpower is to recognize what it is. This is definitely easier said than done as it requires some introspection. Think back at what you’re asked to do for other people over and over. Your friends and family wouldn’t continue to ask you for help in one particular department if it wasn’t something that they think you’re good at, so be attentive. Are you often asked to go shopping with friends to help them pick out outfits? Are you often called upon to help plan parties or events? Do people constantly ask you for advice? Do people always come to you when they need help with their budgets? Think back and find the one thing that you’re called upon to do over and over and it should shed light on what your superpower is.

Embrace it

Sometimes, for a number of reasons, we shy away from our gifts. I, for one, realized when I was in college that people always come to me for advice. While we all give advice to friends from time to time, with me, it seemed to be deeper. People that I didn’t even know would tell me their whole life stories and look to me for guidance and it’s been that way my entire life. I continued to find myself in this position over and over again and after some time, I recognized that there is obviously something that makes me easy to open up to. For the longest, I didn’t quite know what to do with my superpower, so I tried to ignore it, but, what I learned is that gifts like these are impossible to ignore. Embrace your superpower instead of sweeping it under the rug.

Use it for good

The only thing that separates superheroes from villains is that they use their superpowers for good instead of for evil. Find something productive that you can do with your superpower. If you’re superpower involves fashion, consider starting a fashion blog or offering styling services. If you’re gift is dealing with money and numbers, create budget worksheets that people can utilize or come up with an easy way to help people save for retirement. Once I realized that my gift involves offering guidance, I decided to pursue my master’s degree in counseling and make a career out of it. Although counseling isn’t necessarily the same as giving advice, I feel like it’s the best way that I can utilize my superpower to really help others. Find a way that you can use your superpower for good and release your inner superhero.

Every woman is a superhero! Find out how to own your superpower on
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We all have superpowers! Find out how you can OWN yours on
How to OWN your superpower in 3 easy steps
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What’s your superpower and how are you owning it?


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