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How to Spend Valentine’s Day if You’re Alone (but not single)

Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday – if you have someone special to spend it with. For those of us who are away from our significant others for whatever reason, Valentine’s Day can be a sad reminder of how much we miss them. This year, for the first time since we met in 2008, my husband and I will be spending the holiday apart. Usually, when February rolls around, I start making plans for the 14th and, although I won’t be with my Valentine, this year was no different. I started racking my brain for how I could still enjoy the holiday despite being in a less than ideal situation and I came up with these ideas…

For those of us who are away from our significant others, Valentine's Day can be a cruel reminder of how much we miss them. Just because you're away from your Valentine doesn't mean that you have to spend the holiday down in the dumps! Here's what you should do if you're alone (but not single) on February 14th.

How to Spend Valentine’s Day if You’re Alone (but not single)

Plan an E-Date

Modern technology has changed the shape of long distance relationships. Although nothing beats being able to touch the one you love, being able to see and interact with him or her as if she or he is there is the next best thing. If you and your spouse are both going to be by yourselves (in your respective cities/states/countries) on Valentine’s Day, why not plan an e-date? I did a post about long distance date ideas that you can use for some inspiration.

Binge Watch Something

I’ve found that nothing makes the time pass like wasting hours on the couch watching TV series from start to finish. If you’re going to be by yourself on Valentine’s Day, find a show you love and binge watch the heck out of it! I’m almost positive that you’ll get so wrapped up in the drama of the lives of the characters on your screen that you’ll forget all about the fact that it’s the most romantic day of the year and you’re not with the one you love.


I know working isn’t necessarily fun, but if you’re going to be by yourself this Valentine’s Day, it’s definitely something to consider. Pick up an extra shift or work overtime. It will give you something to do and, even though you might be missing your special someone, at least you’ll be getting paid while you miss them!

Call in a Stand-In

My plan for this Valentine’s Day is to spend it with my favorite stand-in, my mom! If you can’t spend the holiday with your first choice, call your second or third choice and see if they’re free. If you have a friend who has recently gone through a break up or a family member who’s single, make plans with him or her so that at least the two of you can do something fun together.

Spoil Yourself

If you ask me, the best ways to get out of your feelings are to enjoy a delicious meal, buy a fabulous new pair of shoes, or spend a few hours at the spa. If you don’t have any plans this Valentine’s Day, treat yourself! Whether you spend the evening dining at a 5 star restaurant, shopping in your favorite boutiques, or getting a scrub, massage, and facial at your favorite spa, spoiling yourself is always fun and if a great way to spend a holiday.

Are you going to be away from your Valentine this year? If so, what are your plans? If you’re looking for the perfect gift to send, check out my post on Valentine’s Day Gifts for LDRs

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