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Married to My Hero

Three years ago, my husband shocked the world. After a roller coaster ride of a college career, he went un-drafted in 2012. Although many people thought they’d heard the last of DeQuan Jones, he and I knew that wasn’t the case. I never stopped believing in him, and, more importantly, he never stopped believing in himself. Later that summer, he was invited to play in NBA Summer League by the Orlando Magic. Everyone was pleasantly surprised by his talent and athletic ability, but I wasn’t surprised at all.


At the end of the summer, he headed back down to Orlando where he joined the Magic for training camp. Although he wasn’t signed to a guaranteed deal, he was beyond thankful for the opportunity to get one step closer to his dream of playing in the NBA. After a stellar preseason performance, the Magic waived one of their veteran players and signed DJ officially on October 27, 2012. As all of you have been keeping up with LiveLifeWell know, seeing my husband (or  boyfriend, at the time) play in his first NBA game was one of the best moments in my life. I had never seen someone accomplish a lifelong dream so big and do it when, to be quite honest, the odds were against them. Even when he lost the faith of so many others, he never stopped working hard and never let their doubt get in his way. He was confident in his ability and faithful that what God had for him, no man could take away.

After a season with the Magic, a season with the NBA D-League’s Reno Big Horns, and a season in Italy, DeQuan has maintained the same work ethic and determination that he had that first summer in Orlando. I have never seen anyone so dedicated to their craft, not only physically, but mentally. Once again, his hard work and dedication has paid off in a major way. DeQuan will be joining our hometown team, the Atlanta Hawks, for training camp and preseason and, although it is not yet guaranteed that he will play with them for the regular season, I know that the best is yet to come for him and his professional basketball career.

I am proud to say that I’m married to my hero. The way that he faces adversity inspires me everyday. On top of that, he continues to be the same humble, philanthropic, funny guy that I fell in love with 7 years ago. The amount to dedication he gives to the things and people he loves inspires me to give my all the way that he does everyday. His quiet confidence and sheer amount of faith in himself and God motivate me to follow my dreams. I know that as long as he continues to believe in himself, there’s nothing he can’t accomplish… And I know that with him in my life motivating and inspiring me the way that only he can, I can do anything I set my mind too.


Who is your hero? Share who inspires you and how! I’d love to hear about your source of inspiration. 

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