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The Couple That Travels

The only thing I enjoy more than exploring new places, tasting foods I’ve never tried before, sightseeing, and learning about different cultures is doing all of these things with my husband by my side. When DeQuan and I started dating in 2008, travel wasn’t one of our main priorities. We were both in college and the extent of our travels together was a stop at Disney World during our regular drive from Miami to Atlanta. As we grew closer and began to talk about our hopes and dreams for the future, we realized that there was so much of the world we both wanted to see and we made it a goal to do it together.

the couple that travels

Benefits of Being a Couple that Travels

It has been proven that there are a number of benefits to traveling with your spouse. explains that couples who travel together stay together because they have a common goal and purpose, they discover their unique strengths and limitations, they communicate better with one another, they have a better sexual relationship, they create new memories that unite them, they learn about each other, they establish a sense of humor, they are more romantic, they’re more spontaneous, they become best friends, they learn together, they’re more willing got forgive, and they experience the freedom and independence that travel provides.

While family trips are great (and equally as beneficial and neccesary), couples need to travel alone together at least once a year. Traveling with your significant other allows you to destress, connect in new ways, and appreciate your life at home. Further, it serves as the perfect occasion to focus on being husband and wife instead of putting all your attention into being mommy and daddy. While I prefer trips abroad for a number of reasons (especially the fact that cell phone service is usually limited when you’re out of the country depending on your provider and it restricts the time you can spend staring at your phones or checking your Instagram accounts), anywhere will do. Whether it’s a 12 hour flight to Dubai, a 3 hour flight to Aruba, a 2 hour drive to Savannah, or a short trek to the local hotel of your choice for a staycation, what’s important is that you enjoy time alone together doing things you’ve never done and learn about each other and the world around you.

To date, my husband and I have been on a number of trips together and we are constantly adding places to our travel bucket list. One of our main goals is to travel to every continent before we turn 30 in 2020. Right now, the top 5 places on our dream vacation list are South Africa, Bora Bora, Egypt, Sydney, and Fiji and I’m confident we will get to those places and so many more. Each time we explore a new place together, I learn so much about myself and the person that I married. It recharges us, reminds us why we fell in love with each other, and brings us closer together. It also keeps things exciting and fresh in our relationship and always gives us something to look forward to.


Orlando, Florida – 2009


Watersound, Florida – 2012


Aruba – 2013


Paradise Island, Bahamas – 2013


Napa Valley, California – 2013


Los Angeles, California – 2013


St. Petersburg, Florida – 2014

St. Lucia – 2014

Rome, Italy – 2015


Los Cabos, Mexico – 2015


Grand Cayman Islands – 2015

What places are on you and your spouse’s travel bucket list?

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