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What He REALLY Wants for Valentine’s Day + FREE PRINTABLE

If you’re anything like me, every year around this time you struggle to try to determine what he REALLY wants for Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day, by nature, is for females. The colors, the recommended gifts and activities, the whole concept of the holiday seems like the perfect opportunity for men to treat the ladies in their lives to romantic rendezvous. Although the holiday may be girly, men deserve a romantic treat too and I, for one, am a firm believer in treating my husband to something special for Valentine’s Day, whether it be a gift, gesture, or activity. Ironically, here in Japan, Valentine’s Day is male oriented. It’s a day when ladies give chocolate and gifts to the men in their lives to express their love, friendship, and gratitude.

A lot of people say that we should treat everyday like Valentine’s Day, and while I don’t disagree, I do think it’s fun that there’s one day out of the year that’s specifically dedicated to romance. Because the holiday is so female oriented in the United States, it can be difficult to figure out what to do for the man in your life. To find out what men really want for Valentine’s Day, I asked a number of guys what they would request from their significant others if the sky was the limit. The answers I got may actually surprise you:

What He Really Wants for Valentine's Day

What He REALLY Wants for Valentine’s Day

Well, normally on that day I don’t ask for much really… A nice diner, maybe a good gift like some shoes (not Jordan’s – I mean the kind of shoes we buy them for holidays LOL), some good convo, then later a little iTunes and chill.

-Bryan, 29 (married)

I want some on-demand coupons… Like I can cash in one and she’ll do whatever I say right then! One will be for uninterrupted video game time for sure!

-Julian, 27 (engaged)

As black men, we need to read more. We need tools to get our businesses going. With that being said, I’d like a book or journal (something to feed my brain), a watch, electronics (an iPad, a Kindle, or a tablet), or dress clothes (a suit, blazer, slacks, nice button down, belt, or even cool dress socks). From my perspective, anything that makes me feel like you understand my condition and care about me equals a great Valentine’s Day. 

-Tahir, 25 (single)

I think what I would really like is to be locked up with my lady for just one day with just her. We always are both running with our kids and work and day to day BS so we never really get to spend any quality time together. I really just want her full attention and a few minutes of her time. When you really love a woman, all you really want is her.

-Jeremy, 41 (in a relationship)

I usually break up with the girls I’m seeing right before Valentine’s Day…

-Ryan, 25 (single)

Bond No. 9 cologne. 

-Darius, 25 (in a relationship)

I like to be traditional and pick her up for dinner with flowers and chocolate. Maybe a big teddy bear in the back seat, who knows. What makes the day different is to go somewhere out of the ordinary for dinner that we haven’t tried before. If there’s anything I want, it’s for her to surprise me with something planned for after dinner. If we’ve been together for a while then get creative. Instead of going home, she could have booked a hotel room downtown as a surprise. Change the scene up – keep me guessing. Maybe have some lingerie on under her dress or something like that that I’m not expecting.

– Clint, 26 (single)

I honestly don’t want a thing! I will for sure give her something – probably a letter, but I want nothing. I don’t think there should be a day we decide to love someone and treat them well. We should try everyday.

-Justin, 26 (married)

What are your thoughts on what these guys really want for Valentine’s Day? Still need a gift for that special someone? Here’s a FREE Valentine’s Day PRINTABLE that he will absolutely love!

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