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Wives Who WERK: Mrs. Jackie Peterson

I’m passionate about love and marriage and even more passionate about helping other wives to discover their passions and chase their dreams while maintaining happy, healthy marriages. As wives, we are the real MVPs. We juggle so many different things and each and every one of us WERKS in one way or another (whether that be by holding a traditional job outside of the home, managing our own blog, business, or brand, or doing something totally different). I’m a firm believer that this is something that should be celebrated, and that’s why I created LiveLifeWell’s monthly Wives Who WERK segment. Each month, I will be interviewing a wife in order to celebrate her and what she does. I would love to feature you! If you’re a wife who would be interested in being featured or if you want to nominate someone else, don’t hesitate to contact me.

In this month's Wives Who WERK segment, I'm featuring Mrs. Jackie Peterson, a basketball wife, mommy, and online fitness coach.

One thing that I love about being a basketball wife is the people that I’ve met because of my husband’s career. I’ve gotten to know some truly incredible women through the years. I’m honored to feature Mrs. Jackie Peterson, a fellow WAG, as this month’s wife who WERKS. Jackie is a 29 year old mommy of one who was a division 1 collegiate athlete herself before marrying her husband. Since they said “I Do,” the couple has traveled the world as her husband has played in countries such as Spain, Russia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Ukraine. Jackie has always had an interest in health and fitness and, a few years ago, she decided to turn her passion into her career and start her business as a full-time online health and fitness coach. Jackie is the epitome of a wife who WERKS

Jackie Peterson

What makes you more than a wifey?

After God and being a mother and wife, my calling is as an online coach. For the past 2 1/2 years I’ve been building my own online business coaching women to live a healthier lifestyle and mentoring them to create their own home businesses. I’ve learned that I’m a true entrepreneur at heart and while I love supporting my hubby, I’m more than a wifey because I’ve got a huge desire to leave a legacy for my family. My passion is sharing this lifestyle of health, happiness and freedom with other women who struggle with the idea of pursing a traditional career and having a family.

How did you determine your passion?

It took me several years of failing over and over again to find my passion. I loved supporting my husband and his career but I always knew I was meant for something more and wanted to find my own “thing”. I tried several different businesses and career paths but nothing ever seemed to suite me 100%. While I was headed in the right direction it really took God taking over and making me face my fears to finally find my true passion. I always knew I loved helping people but I never found the right outlet until I took the leap and started my business. It certainly wasn’t something I thought would be my passion until I just tried!

Tell us your love story! How did you and your husband meet? How long have you been married?

Travis and I have been married for 7 years. We were both college athletes at Samford University. As an incoming freshman, I think he had me scoped out from the beginning, although I was dating some else at the time. In fact, I remember joking to my sister that I had a ”stalker” who was on the basketball team in my first couple months of college. We were good friends until I finally realized I had feelings for him. We’ve been inseparable ever since!!

Wives Who Werk: Jackie Peterson

How has your husband supported you and your dreams?

He has always supported and encouraged me to pursue my dreams. I was honestly holding myself back for a long time out of my own insecurities but he adamantly believed I could do anything I wanted to 🙂 At the time I started my business, I didn’t have the best track record for success so he was somewhat skeptical but out of sheer consistency, dedication and passion, he got on board 100%. Now, he helps me with a lot of the behind the scenes stuff with my business and is always willing to help and support me in any way he can! He watches my daughter if I need to get extra work done and even picks up slack around the house if I need it.

How do you balance your household/marital responsibilities and your career?

I think if I knew the answer to this question, life would just be TOO easy 🙂 haha

I think balance is definitely relative and I’ve almost learned to enjoy being OUT of balance at times. But time wise, I have built my business by waking up early, utilizing nap time to its fullest, and staying up late after everyone else is in bed! My family comes first so during the day when they are awake I make sure to be mom and wife as much as I can. Something I’m always working and improving on is the work/life balance. The beauty of my job is that I can create my own schedule around my responsibilities.

What is your biggest piece of marital advice for other wives?

Let your husband lead you. This is one thing I have struggled with as an independent #WERKING woman, but it’s the most important thing I’ve learned over the past 7 years that has helped us have a very long lasting, happy marriage. There are plenty of opportunities for us as women to do things for ourselves and to lead others, but when you get an opportunity in your household, let him lead you. And more than that, trust him to lead your family in the right direction. If you married him, he is absolutely worth following 🙂

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Where do you see yourself, your family, and your career in 5 years?

In 5 years, I want to have at least 2 more kids. By this point, my husband will be retired from basketball and we will be living back in the U.S. full time. I’ll be our household’s primary breadwinner and my husband will be free to pursue whatever passions or career he wants to. I’ll be a top ranked coach and my business will allow our family the freedom to live the life we’ve always imagined. I want to continue to develop my own personal brand into multiple streams of income. Ultimately the more lives I can change, the bigger and better my brand and its reputation will be. 5 years down the line, I want to be known for leading with a servant’s heart and changing a significant number of people’s lives!

Be sure to check out Jackie’s website and follow her journey on social media!

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