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Wives Who WERK: Mrs. Melba Pearson

I’m passionate about love and marriage and even more passionate about helping other wives to discover their passions and chase their dreams while maintaining happy, healthy marriages. As wives, we are the real MVPs. We juggle so many different things and each and every one of us WERKS in one way or another (whether that be by holding a traditional job outside of the home, managing our own blog, business, or brand, or doing something totally different). I’m a firm believer that this is something that should be celebrated, and that’s why I created LiveLifeWell’s monthly Wives Who WERK segment. Each month, I will be interviewing a wife in order to celebrate her and what she does. I would love to feature you! If you’re a wife who would be interested in being featured or if you want to nominate someone else, don’t hesitate to contact me.

In this month's segment of Wives Who Werk, I'm featuring Mrs. Melba Pearson, a prosecutor who blogs to share her legal expertise with the community.

One of the great things I love about doing these Wives Who WERK interview is getting to know women who I really admire. Mrs. Melba Pearson is definitely one of these women. Melba, who left her hometown of New York City to move to Miami when she was only 23 years old, is one of a handful of African American prosecutors in the county. On top of being an attorney and a wife, she also blogs to share her expertise on legal issues with the community. Mrs. Melba Pearson is a wife who WERKS!

Mrs. Melba Pearson Wives Who WERK

What makes you more than a wifey?

I became a wife later in life (age 38). As such, I had a full career and my own identity. I speak nationally on legal as well as law enforcement issues. I blog, I contribute to various media outlets. I try homicide cases. I serve on the boards of various national organizations. And yes, I cook dinner too!

How did you determine your passion?

If it makes me want to get up in the morning, or wakes me in the middle of the night with inspiration, I know it’s for me. If I dread it, avoid it, and find ways not to deal, then it is time for a major change. I have always had a passion for women’s issues (especially domestic violence), uplifting the African American community, and wine.

Tell us your love story! How did you and your husband meet? How long have you been married?

I was giving a lecture in San Francisco. My girlfriend joined me for a side trip to Napa Valley. On the last night we were there, we walked into a restaurant. My future husband was sitting at the bar having dinner. He was wearing a black cowboy hat, black cowboy boots, fine as everything! I came up, said hi, and the rest is history!

Mrs. Melba Pearson

How has your husband supported your dreams?

Wow. He has been my rock, my everything. I bounce ideas off of him; he is so happy to watch me follow my passions and my dreams. He attends many of the national speaking engagements I do, because he wants to learn more about what is important to me. He allows me come to my own conclusion on what is right for me.

How do you balance your household/marital responsibilities and your blog and career?

Sleep deprivation? LOL. I often get up early to blog, and scoot home so that I can get work done before my hubby gets home. I try to mix business with pleasure by taking my husband to networking events with me, and making a night of it. I shut down on weekends and focus on him. We delegate; cleaning and laundry are hired.

Mrs. Melba Pearson

What is your biggest piece of advice for married wives?

Listen. Listen to your spouse, but listen to yourself. Let your gut guide you, rather than always running to others for what may be (unintentionally) tainted advice. And make time for each other! If you don’t hang out with your spouse, you will drift apart. Your spouse should be your bestie!!

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Where do you see yourself, your family, and your career and blog in 5 years?

Happy, healthy and prosperous! I would like to have a really successful blog that has an impact on how people view/understand the criminal justice system. As long as I am educating and uplifting others, I will consider myself successful!

Be sure to check out Melba’s website and follow her on Twitter!

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