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Wives Who WERK: Mrs. RaChell Crowe

I’m passionate about love and marriage and even more passionate about helping other wives to discover their passions and chase their dreams while maintaining happy, healthy marriages. As wives, we are the real MVPs. We juggle so many different things and each and every one of us WERKS in one way or another (whether that be by holding a traditional job outside of the home, managing our own blog, business, or brand, or doing something totally different). I’m a firm believer that this is something that should be celebrated, and that’s why I created LiveLifeWell’s monthly Wives Who WERK segment. Each month, I will be interviewing a wife in order to celebrate her and what she does. I would love to feature you! If you’re a wife who would be interested in being featured or if you want to nominate someone else, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Wives Who WERK Interview featuring Mrs. Rachel Crowe of Marriage Unstoppable

The More than a Wifey Wifestyle Group has allowed me to connect with so many likeminded women. This moth’s Wives Who WERK feature and I share a passion for helping couples to create and maintain successful marriages. RaChell Crowe is the creator of marriage blog, Marriage Unstoppable, which is dedicated to equipping men and women  with the tools they need to thrive in marriage. As a blogger, a wife, and a mother of 2 boys, Mrs. Crowe is a wife who WERKS!

RaChell Crowe

What makes you more than a wifey?

I am more than a wifey because there is so much more to me than being John’s wife. Being his wife is one of my most important (and favorite) roles but I am also a mother, daughter, friend, teacher, coach, etc.

How did you determine your passion?

I have always had a passion in helping others. After dedicating almost 5 years in taking care of my family, I’ve learned a lot (and I’m still learning) and I want to share it with others to help them in their marriage and as a parent. I also have a background in writing and plus I love to talk so it has been an easy transition for me.

Tell us your love story! How did you and your husband meet? How long have you been married?

Well, my husband and I have 2 very different stories on how we met. The way I remember it was meeting him at my aunt’s house while watching football. I wondered who is this guy eating all my aunt’s food. A short time later I received a call from my aunt saying he was interested in me, we exchanged numbers and began dating. We went our separate ways and then a few years later reconnected and this December will be 6 years of marriage.

Mrs. RaChell Crowe

How has your husband supported you and your dreams?

My husband has been a huge motivator and probably the main reason why I stepped out of my comfort zone and began my blog. He believed in me and saw the bigger before I did.

How do you balance your household/marital responsibilities and your blog and brand?

PRAYER! LOL…I have learned to take each day and task one step at a time; I can’t do it all in one day. I have also learned that if it doesn’t get done or if it’s not done perfect, it’s ok and everything will be alright. I also have a planner where I schedule all my household responsibilities, things I need to do for my blog and the different family activities so I can visually see what needs to be done daily/weekly.

RaChell Crowe Family

What is your biggest piece of marital advice for other wives?

Always remember you are a team; even when you don’t agree, sit down talk & work it out.

Where do you see yourself, your family, and your blog and brand in 5 years?

I see us walking/living our God divine purpose. God has BIG things planned for the Crowes and if we stay in His will they will be accomplished.

Be sure to check out RaChell’s blog and follow Marriage Unstoppable on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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