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3 Must Do Activities in Marrakech

In my last post about my trip to Morocco, I shared all about things that you should buy in Marrakech.  This week, I’m switching gears to give you information on things you should do. Marrakech is a culturally unique city with a wide range of things for tourists to see and do, so it can be difficult to pick and choose when putting together an itinerary. Regardless of the length of your stay, these 3 must do activities in Marrakech should definitely be on your itinerary:

Planning a trip to Marrakech? Make sure these 3 must do activities are on your itinerary!

Camel Trekking

The first time I rode a camel was in Dubai and while it was a pretty cool experience, it did not compare to my camel trekking experience in Morocco. We traveled about 30 minutes outside of the city and spent an hour riding camels through the hills at the base of the Atlas Mountains. The views were absolutely breathtaking and it was honestly relaxing (once I got over the initial shock of the face that I was on top of a camel). On top of that, it was just thrilling enough to be fun and made for a few fantastic photo-ops. It’s a very authentic experience that allows visitors to see what life was once like in the north African desserts and connect with nature.

Must Do Activities in Marrakech
Camel Trekking Marrakech

Visit to the Gardens

Before my trip to Morocco, I read in numerous articles that visiting the beautiful gardens throughout the city is one of the must do activities in Marrakech. I’m so glad that I took the advice of the many travelers who visited before me. I spent an afternoon at Jardin Marjorelle and the plants and architecture were absolutely gorgeous. On top of that, I got to see the resting place of one of my favorite designers, Yves Saint Laurent, which was also pretty cool. Other gardens that are worth a visit include the gardens at La Mamaounia hotel and the Amina Gardens.

Moroccan Cooking Class

My travel party and I agreed that we weren’t huge fans of Moroccan cuisine – until we did the Moroccan cooking class at La Maison Arabe. The cooking class was easily the highlight of my trip and completely changed my mind about traditional Moroccan dishes. In the 4-hour cooking class, we learned about the spices used in Moroccan cuisine, attended a traditional tea ceremony, and, under the leadership of a fantastic dada (i.e. chef), cooked a chicken tagine and two Moroccan “salads.” After we completed our course, we were taken to a beautiful rooftop where we feasted on the lunch that we prepared. The food was absolutely delicious and the cooking class is without a doubt at the top of my list of must do activities in Marrakech. If you’re curious about Moroccan cooking, I’ll be sharing footage from the class today on my Instastory.

Which one of these must do activities in Marrakech would you want to add to your itinerary?

Want to hear more about my trip? Stay tuned! I will be sharing my picks on where to stay, dine, shop, and play in Marrakech on Tuesday. 


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