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3 Ways to Stay Entertained on a Solo Road Trip

This past weekend, I took a solo road trip to Washington, D.C.. After being in Lynchburg, Virginia for a week for school and taking a huge cumulative exam, a weekend with my girlfriends was just what the doctor ordered. I drove up to see my sorority sister graduate from law school and visit with my best friend who lives there and other besties who were in town for the celebration. Although the trek from Lynchburg to D.C. was only three hours, I was a little nervous before I got on the road! It was my first solo road trip and I was worried that I would be extremely bored. Once I started driving, I realized there was actually something therapeutic about it and I enjoyed the alone time. I relied on a few things to keep me entertained and I was actually far from bored.

Going on a solo road trip? Being bored will be the least of your worried with these 3 simple ways to stay entertained!

3 Ways to Stay Entertained on a Solo Road Trip

Create an amazing playlist

Music is a great way to pass the time when you’re in the car by yourself for a while. Whether it’s your favorite old school hits that you can sing word for word or a few new albums that you’ve been dying to listen to, there’s nothing like spending a few hours alone in the car enjoying some tunes. During my trip to D.C., I had a chance to listen to Lemonade for the umpteenth time. I feel like I’m still hearing new things and discovering new messages in the album, so I enjoyed being able to listen to it a few times through without any interruptions.

Chit chat with a friend or family member

We all have those friends and family members that we can stay on the phone with for hours and a road trip is a great time to reach out to that person. Use your handsfree and spend a part of your road trip catching up with someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Talking on the phone definitely makes the time go by faster and before you know it, you’ll be almost to your destination. My sister and I always seem to stay on the phone for at least an hour even when we called for one simple thing, so when she called towards the beginning of my trip, I was thrilled.

Listen to a book on Audible

I just recently discovered audible and it’s honestly the best thing ever! You can download a book and listen to it from your phone or laptop, so it’s a pretty amazing tool for a solo road trip. During my trip, I listened to the first part of Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht. I’ve been dying to read it for months but, due to my hectic study schedule, I haven’t had the time to read for pleasure. Listening to the book as I drove to D.C. was perfect and I really enjoyed it. When I pulled up to my friend’s house, I was almost a little sad that I had to cut off the car and stop listening. It really made the time go by fast and I’ll continue to use Audible to listen to books even when I’m just driving around Atlanta or doing chores around the house.

road trip

How do you stay entertained during solo road trips?


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