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5 Fabulous Girls’ Trip Destinations in the United States

I’m the planner among my group of friends, and I always find myself planning our slaycations, which is one of the reasons I decided to establish my own custom travel itinerary planning service. Although I love to travel with my husband, his career limits his availability for trips, so I do a lot of traveling with my girls. Girls’ trips are a lot of fun and are a great way to reconnect with friends. From trips that are solely for relaxation and leisure to those that are dedicated to partying, there are a number of fabulous girls’ trip destinations right here in the United States.

Planning a trip for you and your girlfriends? Check out this 5 fabulous girls' trip destinations in the U.S.

5 Fabulous Girls’ Trip Destinations in the United States


I went to the University of Miami, so when my girls and I headed back down to Miami Beach for my Last Fling Before the Ring the summer before my wedding, I was thrilled to enjoy some fun in the sun with my best friends in a place that feels like home. Miami is the perfect place for a girls’ trip. From beautiful beaches to fabulous spas and vibrant nightclubs, there’s something for any group of girlfriends. The Florida Keys, which are only a few hours away from Miami (depending on which part of the Keys you’re traveling to), also deserve an honorable mention for a more leisurely, low key, beach vacation.

Girls' Trip Miami

New York

I love going to New York with my mom. We go almost every year, and it’s become one of my favorite locations for a mother-daughter trip. New York is another great option for a girls trip or a one-on-one trip with your mom. If you’re looking to shop til you drop, have some amazing, world class dinners, and see a broadway show or two with your clique, New York City is the place for you. Although I haven’t had a chance to visit, I’ve heard that the Hamptons also makes a great choice for a more leisurely girls trip. The Hamptons is home to a plethora of scenic beaches, fabulous restaurants, fun bars, and high end boutiques.


Scottsdale has some of the most renowned spas in the country and is the perfect place for a girls-only spa retreat. Located 40-minutes from Phoenix, Scottsdale has picturesque mountain views and while there isn’t a ton to do, it’s a great place for a little R&R with your girl friends. If you’re after a leisurely girls trip packed with spa treatments, Scottsdale is the perfect destination. Adventure seekers will enjoy ATV or hummer tours of  the local dessert.

Girls' Trip Scottsdale

Napa Valley

I’ve yet to go on a girls’ trip to Napa Valley but it’s on my list! My husband and I went a few years ago, and while I had a fabulous time there with him, I found myself thinking about what a great place it would make for a girls’ only trip. If you and your girls love wine as much as me and mine, Napa Valley is a great place to visit. There’s no better way to reconnect with your girlfriends than wasting away afternoons tasting wines on various vineyards, enjoying delicious cuisine, and having fabulous spa treatment.


As an Atlanta native, I’m biased, but I think my city makes a great place for a girls’ trip. I always see a different side of the city when my girlfriends come to town and from fabulous restaurants, attractions such as the World of Coke, Six Flags Over Georgia, and the Georgia Aquarium, and super fun nightclubs (and strip clubs), there’s something in Atlanta for everyone. Atlanta also hosts the biggest greek picnic in the country for members of black greek lettered organizations, so getting your sorority sisters together for a girls-only trip during Atlanta Greek Picnic is a great option.


What are your favorite U.S. destination for girls’ trips? Stay tuned! I’ll be sharing 5 Fabulous Girls’ Trip Destinations Aboard soon!

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