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3 Strategies to Manage Decision Fatigue

I’m really good at making decisions. I’m not a person who is usually unsure about which way to go or a person that wavers in my choices. I don’t do well with the unknown, but once I have enough information, I’m usually able to make a decision and stick to it with confidence. So, what happens when I can’t decide? What happens when I’m tired?

Because I happen to be pretty good at making decisions, I make a lot of the choices for our household and family. I consult with my husband and include him in the process from the beginning to the end, and, if it is a topic that he is passionate about, I submit to him. But generally, since he’s easy going with most things, a lot of the decisions fall on me. Most of the time, I don’t mind it, but every once in a while, I get hit HARD with decision fatigue.

Decision fatigue is often described as what happens when the quality of your decisions diminishes after making a lot of significant decisions. Pretty much, your brain gets tired and your judgement poorer as a result. This looks different for different people, but for me, it looks like irritability when asked to make a choice (even one that is mundane). To be real with y’all, at the end of some days, I just feel like if I am forced to make one more decision, I might explode. I don’t want to think about what anyone will have for lunch the next day, where anyone will attend summer camp, or even if I will wear my black or grey leggings to the gym tomorrow. My brain is just worn out. I quit. Someone else choose.

I had to find a way to cope with what I was facing, and these 3 strategies helped me to manage decision fatigue and stay sane:

  1. Prioritize and set boundaries: Not all of the decisions about the rest of your life (or year) have to be made today. This is something that I struggle with as someone who likes to plan, but I always remind myself of the Matthew 6:34. Prioritize the decisions that have to be made over the ones that can wait and set boundaries accordingly.

  2. Delegate: Even though I am usually good at making decisions, there are other people in my life that are fully capable. Delegating decision making goes a long way when the fatigue sets in to give my mind a break. I lean on my husband, my mom, and even my kids (because THEY can decide what they want for lunch).

  3. Practice self-care: I tend to obsess about an impending decision until it’s made, so it’s crucial that I practice self-care diligently when I’m trying to manage decision fatigue. Working out, sleeping, reading, and binge watching a good TV show are ways that I am able to quiet my brain to give it a break until I’m feeling ready to make choices again.

When I waver and feel uncertain, the most helpful things for me are to be able to a) have faith in God and His plan and b) lean on my husband. DJ and I had a really great talk regarding the decisions we have to make in the near future and my experience with decision fatigue that reinforced for me that I am not alone in this. His confidence was just what I needed to feel empowered instead of powerless as we prepare for what’s to come.

Watch our weekly vlog to hear more about my big decision to leave my husband (just temporarily):

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